Best leveling 80-85

I'm just now getting back in and allot of the warlock changes are new to me.

My friend was telling me mob health quickly scales and soloing with quest gear might have allot of down time.

What is the best spec for leveling. Say I am just going to Quest.
Worgenfreeman the Dwarf Warlock.

Anyways, I leveled as Destro but many people will argue that Afflic is better.
Questing is meant to be done with questing gear. They do scale quickly, but you shouldn't have any problem. 80-85 is the only time I recommend running dungeons while leveling, as you need that gear for 85. Spec aff for questing(stay out of the destro tree) and demo for dungeons(stay out of the aff tree). You should quest faster than any other class, and have uber high DPS in dungeons.
Thanks Richardd.

@Jamal yeah I saved the name cause I was thinking of going worgen, purchased the race change, then I saw worgen in game and went Dwarf.

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