374 Mage LF hardcore Raiding Spot, 6/7 GMT+10

Hey Guys,
I am currently looking for a spot in a 10 or 25 raiding guild, I live in VIC Australia so timezone is server time for oceanic. I am hoping to find a guild that raids pretty often, the guild i am leaving has fallen apart, half the core raid group has split to random servers. We raided 3 nights a week, i am on almost every night im at home. i have raided in the past on 2 guilds with 2 different toons covering a 40 hours a week raiding. I am pumped to do soemthing like that again as i feel like the times im online and nothing is happening is wasted progression, personal experience.
I work as a computer technician full time and am normally home from work around 6:30. i would be available to raid anytime from 7pm ST til 2am ST. Anytime between here is fine, I do work some weekends though in the morning so cant guarantee anything for then.

Currently my Mage is my main Toon 374 (Arcane MS / Fire OS)
Alts include: 365 Pally tank
364 Holy / Disc priest

I made sure i gave myself all options and aspects of raiding so can learn every possible aspect to a boss and giving me more experience.

I know how to play them all well but i enjoy my mage by far, i feel the most comfortable on it and know that i can get out of any situation thrown at me.
My mage had been collecting the 25 embers for the staff, this has been completed and have 3/4 pieces to open the portal to get the item to make the staff.

I play in every single PTR possible and played in the WoTLK beta and cataclysm beta, i always try to get ahead of the game in a way so that when omething comes out i already know how to overcome its mechanics. Sounds like cheating when i say it like that XD

I find myself to be a verrrry competitive player, always wanting to do the best i can possibly do for my gear/boss. i find out that it is being done better by someone i will stop at nothing to find out how to do it better and make sure i improve to match the top!

World of logs has come to be one of my most viewed sites, im always checking when the highest dps cast this and what they are attaking ect. This helps me become better at the game and my knowledge on the boss / class makes the game almost to easy.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this.

Feel free to post any questions i may have missed. I am more then happy to move all my toons and faction / server change if needed! =) Money will not bother me if i can find the perfect guild!

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