Dragonwrath and YOU

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There was also another Rage of Ragnaros buff;

Channeling the pure power of Ragnaros. Physical and magical damage taken is reduced by 99%.

Is that also part of the fight or was that just extra data mined stuff?

That is a different spell of the same name... its cast by the druids of flame in the firelands dailies... (wardens quests) specifically the one where the warden says 'oh you can't kill them now drag them into the trap'

08/15/2011 06:57 PMPosted by Seiryu
You hadn't thought of this? Dragonwrath certainly is nice, no doubt, but expecting to use it forever is ludicrous. How many people do you see still rocking their Shadowmournes in Firelands?

Meh you have a point there though i don't forsee us taking it off this expansion I still knew many healers keeping their maces throughout ICC only swapping them with the heroic proc ICC mace. I guess it would be more of the leave in your bag item.

Regardless you will definitely need to have it equipped to use the item... As for if you can take it off without losing the buff my best guess comparing items like orb of deception and hook of the master angler which must stay equipped to retain the buff... looking at weapons the only thing i remember is that switching the ICC staff out would cause your valkyr to despawn.
The proc rate better be 20% on warlocks.

When blizzard said the proc rate would be higher for pet classes, it gets skewed if you were to compare affliction vs demonology. I mean on a fight like Baleroc only 61.67% of my damage is from myself. The rest is from pets.

Lets say I am a bad warlock, though. How about form the current #1 demo lock? Only 62.6% of his overall damage was from himself.

Current top affliction lock on that fight has 79.57% of his net dps as just him, leaving only ~20% done by pets. That's pretty ridiculous when demonology would have upwards of 40% of their damage done by pets.

sooo if the proc rate would be higher for warlocks than mages, and affliction has the same proc rate as demo, affliction would poop on demo with that staff. The proc rate isn't supposed to vary based on spec now is it according to Blizzard posts, correct?

salty salty... it'll be fun stuff when a warlock finishes.

I completely agree. This staff seems to be rather best for affliction and destro, but for demo its really lackluster. I mean, the staff from Rag comes actually very close to the damage that the staff does, and the staff doesn't even become BiS for us until its heroic'ed. The proc needs to be spec based or else it'll literally force our hand to go affliction or destro simply because the proc outweighs the meta/chalice combo. I'm really really curious to see the proc chance because I'll honestly pass on it till last in our group simply because I honestly don't want it.
Screw that I want my legendary! It's about damn time I get something in this game that makes it worth my while. Didn't get Atiesh, wasn't the right class for thunderfury, hand of rag, warglaives, or the bow of kil'jaeden. Val'anyr was for healers (and apparently spriests), and shadowmourne shouldn't even be considered a legendary... just a really annoying epic item to get.

Plus I turn into a dragon.

I'd imagine a bunch of warlocks finish their staff sometime this week, though, so we'll get to see what's up.
Thanks for the post & Grats QT!!
Any word on if it can proc off of Flame Orb/Frostflame Orb hits?
Been on vacation, just dropping in to say grats man.

You do us proud.
08/16/2011 10:22 AMPosted by Olemanwiggz
Any word on if it can proc off of Flame Orb/Frostflame Orb hits?

This was answered. Read through the thread before repeating questions.

The answer is also no.
If for instance you begin casting pyroblast while targeting player X, and mid-cast you change your target to player Y, would the proc'd pyroblast follow the original one, or go to your current target?

This is probably a dumb question, just interested xD
Well so far we've only received data about target dummy (can't believe i didn't notice this). The coding might be very specific for actually mob encounters and they skipped over the dummy portion (leaving us with all the issues). Just a thought, but i'd like to see Siiz tell us how it operates under boss conditions.

That doesn't explain the FoF issue though, just the DF one.
If you pvp and feel like recording it, there are people who would like to see it in action if you ever get around to it. ;)
08/15/2011 06:57 PMPosted by Seiryu
It's impossible to use an equippable item without equipping it.

That's only if the staff itself is the mount, otherwise it gives you the ability to turn into the mount. It's one or the other.
Well, if you look at the staff's tooltip window itself you'll see that the Use effect is a transformation, which is the "mount" skill. I don't see how it could act any other way.

However, now that you bring it up I suppose it would be cool for it to teach you the skill like Reins items do for other mounts. But then again, while they probably could do that, I don't think they would want to because it wouldn't really make sense given the story surrounding the staff.
Out of curiosity: How much melee dps does the staff actually have?

The armory shows it at 947.9 dps, which probably would make it BiS for feral dps...
However, wowhead reports it at 329.4 dps, a more reasonable amount for a caster weapon.
Page #2?! UNACCEPTABLE!!!1!1
The DOT proc portion also doesn't seem to be working with combustion.
08/18/2011 06:35 PMPosted by Siiz
The DOT proc portion also doesn't seem to be working with combustion.

well... there goes any hope for fire.
Can the staff proc off of the lightning capacitor?
If I recall the doomguard is triple dipping on mastery buffing it's damage far too high and inflating the amount of pet dps that demon locks have, once that is fixed, or perhaps if it's fixed, demonology's pet damage will fall closer in line with the other two specs.

The thing is though, is that proc will not equal out to what the doomguard is capable of right now for demon locks. So in fixing the doomguard to make the legendary equal across all specs, will undoubtly be a pretty decent nerf to demonology overall.

Which is pretty much a nerf without the legendary involved. Meh it's early need more coffee. lol
I'm hitting a dummy right now and Flame Orb and Combustion are both proccing extra ticks, not sure if that was a hotfix. Neither are showing up as Wrath of Tarecgosa though, they add extra hits in the same manner that happens with Arcane Missiles.

Can the staff proc off of the lightning capacitor?


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