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shamless alt bump
tip top
You guys should raid W/F instead of T/Th. Just 'cause, if you did, I could grace your with my awesomesauceness. Tuesdays are just a bad day to raid, anyways... Blizz likes to break stuff on Tuesdays.

Also, awesomesauce.

Just sayin'
True, but it makes it a challange tuesday. Have a patch and enjoy the fun.
Bump cos I need someone to fill my sexy shoes....not in that way...but..yeah
thanks wonn
hip hop to the top
Bump for heroic Rag
Recruitment needs updated. Shadow priest needed for core spot.
up up up
thread updated
Mini-necro bump!
updated recruitment needs
Current Recruitment:

] Arcane Mage
] Holy Paladin
] Shadow Priest
] Combat Rogue
] Enhancement Shaman
] Restoration Shaman
] Demonology Warlock


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