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update recruitment needs
go team!!
Too bad you guys don't need a sPriest anymore or an elemental shaman or I'd consider playing again. =)

How about going resto?
Healing is the easy part of being a shaman. Making it on the dps rankings was the fun part for me and looks as though I still hold some decent numbers from previous bosses. Not sure where our current shamans are, not seeing them on the dps rankings.

I played resto for over 5 years. Was finally given the chance to dps and that's what kept me going another year or so. That is why I also offered to play my sPriest but that class isn't needed either. I'll just check back and see what's needed at a later date.
Update recruitment, looking for a resto druid.
Updated thread for recruitment
up bump
Looking for resto druid
Resto druid
This is not a bump as that would be against the rules. Looking for a resto druid.
Still looking for the ever elusive resto druid
Still Looking for a solid resto druid
Recruitment thread updated
still need a huggable treeform player (:
i applied and talked to 2 officers, wish me luck on acceptance!
Eww, Alliance :P

J/K, that's how I got into FA too :)

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