Low level Feral Rotation

im a lvl 41 feral dps druid and i was looking for any tips on the rotation that would be the best at that level, thanks!
I find the early FFF convenient against all the stealthies running around. Plus, I'm usually at a low energy situation after the first Mangle to get Rake up. Sneak in TF whenever you feel necessarily. For PvP I use:
Prowl > Feral Charge > Pounce > Ravage > Mangle > FFF > Rake

Get used to pooling energy at a low level. It'll help you maximize your DPS output in the long run. After a while you'll have a feel of when you should refresh your debuffs as well. Your main ability would be Mangle, and don't forget to refresh Rake. FFF at low energy situations. Sometimes I'm a DPS !@#$%, so I try to sneak in a Swipe or two for the counters :P For PvE I use:
Mangle > Rake > Mangle, Mangle > FFF > Rake > Mangle, Mangle

Hope this helps (:

I just saw how you're spec'd and you don't have any points on Stampede yet. That'll mean you're gonna go low on energy just after your Ravage. Use FFF instead of your first Mangle, and you should be set. Other than that, everything else stays the same for PvP.
Prowl > Feral Charge > Pounce > Ravage > FFF > Mangle > Rake
Leader of the pack is the best talent in the tree... and its 1 point. Take it ASAP. Get stampede ASAP as well. You'll get into a rotation where you either have charge + free ravage or Tiger's Fury up on every mob. If you don't you are taking more than 15 seconds per kill and are doing something wrong.

If charge is up:

Feral charge -> ravage (don't wait on the ravage, if you mangle first you might take them below 80% and lose the extra 50% crit) -> mangle -> rake (if they are going to live more than 3 seconds, otherwise skip rake) -> mangle to 5 CPs -> bite -> dead

If TF is up:

Mangle x2 -> TF -> rake (if they are going to live more than 3 seconds) -> mangle to 5 -> bite -> dead

Toss an instant heal on the way to the next mob with your PS proc if you need it, repeat till you are in your 60s at least.

There's really no point to stealthing in PvE if you aren't sneaking past mobs. It only slows you down and gives you access to openers that aren't worth using. Why would you spend 50 energy on pounce when the bleed only ticks a few times before they die and they are no threat to you even when they aren't stunned? Faerie fire isn't a waste if you are low on energy, but you should have stampede instead of feral aggression, so the effect is so minor it's almost not worth bothering with.

When I was leveling (all heirlooms) I would alternate charge and TF: FFF>charge>Ravage>mangle>rake>rip>on to the next one, FFF>mangle>TF>rake>rip>next.

If the first one wasn't down by the time I got four chasing me around, I'd hit rake again. Swipe when I got it.

Edit: Predatory swiftness procs used on healing touch if necessary.

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