The Official Adopt-A-Turtle Campaign Thread!

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I remember back in the day when I spent almost an hour in AV, and when a single, continuous game on my server lasted for over 24 hours... The later might be a bit much, but I miss the old AV days.

I'm Lobolicious and I support this thread!
I believe I will participate.
And request a sticky.
Don't let it die!

Aww and it's the day I move into dorms, so I won't be participating.
I really hope this goes off. It would be a pity for all the work to go to waste!
Gawd Bless I am looking forward to this weekend.
sounds like fun! do my best to be there and spread the word
...because fighting at the bottleneck is worth more than turtles!

Cheers, Foury!

This is yet another well written post by you.

Turtles have my support.

Horde Shaman since 1.0
So I won't actually get to keep the turtle?
I will be participating in this all day today. Good luck to those I meet on the battlefield.
Bumping. It's a well deserved read.
Signed in support. Please keep up the good fight Foury
Full support.
I came in here expecting some lame Store pet idea and was very surprised and amused at the bait and switch. 10/10 good sir. Will actually read all of it when I get up later. Too tired right now. lol

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