Transmogrifier: Armor Restriction Solution

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Seriously there is so many amazing face masks and high collar style items i'd love to use. along with awesome shoulders etc.

Let hunter's use leather for transmog we use for 40 levels.... don't get me started on the wireframe used for hunter boots, they're horrendous!
These are my suggestions for reducing restrictions in the future:

Allow Warriors and Paladins to transmorg mail to plate (restrict item level if you must)

Allow Hunters and Shamans to transmorg leather to mail (same ilevel restriction)

Allow Sword <-> Mace <-> Axe transmorg (both 1H and 2H)

Allow head gear to transmorg into any armor type, with the same same restrictions on being able to equip it.
Just remove the item class restriction on the helm slot.

That's really all you need. So anyone can transmog a headband, eyeband, eyepatch, cowl, etc.

Secondly, Legendaries should be available as a transmogrification source. You earned it. Why not be able to look like you have it equipped forevermore? Sure, everyone will run around with TF for a day or so, then they'll stop because they wont be cool and unique.
I think we should be able to Transmog our hard earned legendaries :(... okay maybe not hard earned but they took a little bit to get.. idc if everyone in the world has it or just got it you can see if it was legit if they got it in that current tier or before achievements by LOOKing at they're Feats of strengths cause i mean.. shadowmourne is pretty badass and i mean i got it quickly in icc but it just sits in my bank nothing to do with it why not be able to say HEY i wanna still use my shadowmourne but oh wait it sucks butthole cause its from 80, Well hey maybe i can transmog it.. oh wait...
allow transmoging MH and OH. got some beautiful fist weapons last night I would love to use.

edit: im wearing them if you wanna have a look
In games like this there are two layers: aesthetics and mechanics. In the end, it's only for the mechanics that need be ruled by law (that is, code). The more aesthetic options, the more marketable the game becomes and vice versa because let's face it, when you buy a game like this it's because you want to make a personalized character.

The transmog is a WONDERFUL idea to compete with such games as City of Heroes, Champions, etc in which people have infinite options to their characters' appearance, but come on Blizz, you're gimping yourselves by restricting it to types as you have. You have all this great equip-artwork out there, I'm betting at least 5 times more than any competitor, that could create the perfect look for any of your customers, and you're restricting it because, why? Because someone could see a human in plate mail casting smite and mistake it for anything other than a priest? Really? Not to mention that identifying a character's race/class is as easy as mouse-ing over their avatar where it displays the information for you in a convenient little box.

I enjoy PvP as much as the next guy, but I believe it needs to take a back seat to PvE/story content, which is the umbrella over aesthetics. You wouldn't change the way Thrall's crazy, woojy shaman powers work because of an imbalance in chain lightning damage in PvP, right?

Sorry, you've given us a taste of what you can do and now we want more, more, more. I'd like to hold it over your head that I'd cancel my subscription for lack of content but I reallllllly wanted that damned Tyrael mount...and Diablo move.

You've got a TON of creative and wonderful ideas so again, don't gimp yourself because some bobo PvP'er can't identify what they're fighting without checking out the opponent's gear.

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