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Hi Zar, fancy seeing you here.

I has no complaints. I like PvP. Do my daily BG til I get a win or give up in disgust (whichever comes first). Go do arenas when I find a new patsy...I mean partner, til we win some or the new boy gives me up in disgust. Go to some rated BGs for some nice wins or guild master gives up in disgust while railing about CC.

/shrug. I'm having a fun, even after 6 years of PvPing. Took me all that time to reach 100k but I don't even like doing things that feel good 24/7. It'll be infinitely less disgusting if I can glue a couple of permanent personal healers to each hip. Can you halp a gurl out, mister?

edit: read backwards til I saw the shadow priest comments. Encouraging to note that there are some doing good work. But just like every girl in high heels doesn't get to be a supermodel or boy with a football doesn't get to play in the NFL, I'll just PvP when I can and ignore my face-dirt-time and hold the few victories close to my heart.

It's all fun and games til someone pokes out an eye.

08/18/2011 06:38 PMPosted by Strijder
Appreciate the response. Although does tricky mean they have a high skill cap or what? Because literally, I'm always the one targeted in any comp I run, and our damage just doesn't seem on par.

Shadow Priests are in a fairly good spot right now, it's a learn to play issue on your part. Just practice, get your teammates to peel etc.
08/18/2011 06:39 PMPosted by Kajuro

Shadow Priests are in a fairly good spot right now, it's a learn to play issue on your part. Just practice, get your teammates to peel etc.

same can be said for affliction locks that is why resto shammy + lock are at top Resto has pro heals then a Pro Lock with Sick DoTs back it up. Don't get mad at the classes get mad at the combo...
Hi shiny blue text!

Remove the defensive dispels from the healers that gained them in Cata OR remove Wind Shear from Resto Shamans and make it only for Enchanement/Elemental.

Remove 30% casting speed debuff from Necrotic Strike OR Desecration proccing from it.

Increase CD on Soul Swap for Locks .

Nerf Demon Armor by a certain % (it's impossible to kill a Lock with a semi-decent Resto Shaman healing them)

Increase the CD on Lock's Teleport.

Remove Feral's insta-clones via Predatory Strikes.

Buff Disc Priest's Diving Hymn (Seriously, the heal is the same as it was in WotLK)

Remove the shared CD between Charge/Intercept for Warriors.

Reduce the CD of Spell Reflect back to 10 seconds.

Bring back Arena Skirmishes. War games are fine and dandy and all but I don't always have people to do War games with and would rather jump right into arena.

Just some of the things I can think of right now. I know there are ALOT more though...
Zarhym. We love you long time for this.
Any plans to bring back arena skirmishes? I remember spending countless hours with a bunch of friends just queueing for skirmishes. It was a wonderful tool for testing out comps and certain addons as well. It benefited the pvp community so greatly.
Also, are there any plans on making resto druid's more viable in 3v3? Compared to the other healers currently they are very lackluster.
1) Are you guys comfortable with extremely high prevalence of Warlock/Rshaman/X teams at high ratings?

2) Are you happy with the pace of PvP? Cata PvP was, to my knowledge, supposed to involve less "yo-yoing" of HP values, yet I've seen people go from execute range to full inside a GCD, or go the other way nearly as quickly.

3) Are you okay with where Hunters are in PvP currently?

4) Are you okay with where Resto Druids are in PvP currently?
Hey Z,

I doubt that this will get looked at but is there any chance that warlocks will be receiving some love when it comes to destro? I feel as though it wouldn't be game breaking to give the spec a little help. Destro relies so heavily on hard casts and my damage is nothing worth writing home about while using the spec. Even if there's no little tweaks like the destro community has been asking for, is there any word on something that will help immolate stick on targets?

Also is there any chance that chaos bolt might get a little boost so it is actually a threatening 31 talent point ability? I like my green fire, but seeing mages ice lance crit for more than double my chaos bolt's damage makes me a sad warlock =(
Will we ever get any new battlegrounds? Maybe something unique... Lets say Air combat, or maybe even on boats =)?
My friend keeps whining about his warlock. Are they going to get any buffs?
What happened to the idea of health pools emptying and filling much slower this xpac?
As a healer, I can bring some back to full life with a WoG and FoL crit, and dps are still able to burst non-healers (with 4k resil) down in a matter of seconds.
hey hey Zar, most highly uprated thread on the pvp forums (and some good humour in it as well)


(its 3 sister threads are also extremely highy uprated)

Iknow you guys dont like to talk about AV, but we do :P
Give us back Wintergrasp. Scale the tanks / cannons, etc. up to level 85. It is primarily end game content and always has been so far as PvP goes.
Can we please address the following:

Hunters lack of rep (Mostly they just need fixes, things that won't affect PvE at all)

Warlock too high passive survivability but complete dependance on healers

The insane strength of instant casts but Needing them to be insane because every class has multiple ways to stop hard casting.

Too high pvp damage All Around. Eveyrone does Way too much damage, Cata was supposed to slow this down.

MMRs. I would like to know why they weren't reset, Not why they can't be reset now (I personally think they can considering the MMR system is still entirely in place, it simply needs a roll back). But just tell us Why they weren't reset because honestly it feels like an oversight.

Skirms. We were told they were unpopular. That's 100% wrong and it's not like we're idiots. We know they were popular.

Shamans clear superiority over every other healer. It's gotten a tad insane. Changes to wind shear don't seem like they would be out of order.

I believe some others have addressed the massive post taken from the EU forums. That thread hit the nail on the head pretty damn well.

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