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I post a lot, have played the game at a level far above average (2200-2400) on multiple classes.

I guess if there's only a couple thing I'd like to point out, suggest or ask about:

- Why is the point cap for RBGs so much higher than Arena? I've tried RBGs and I just prefer arena all the way. I don't understand why it's necessary to make the point cap reward so much higher for low ratings in RBGs than high arena ratings. I don't understand why one should be higher than the other at all, RBGs take more time and coordination to organize, Arenas take more raw/micro-skill, can't we do whichever we feel like without being shepherded into one or the other by the allure of different point caps?

- Can the ladder be reset after the MMR change? The MMR change is good no doubt, but after the change the top teams on each battlegroup have become unreachable. I know lots of players who don't compete for duelist or gladiator or rank one titles don't care and are happy with their 2200 achievement, but I think a good compromise would be to reset every team above 2200 back to 2200 along with each player's PR. This way you wouldn't affect the casual players who don't plan on competing above 2200 but you'd make the title race legitimate. Without a ladder reset the top teams on each BG will not be reached this season and we might as well award titles today.

- Class balance is super tricky and all but if there's one class that needs real help it is Hunters. At high levels of play they are simply lacking, in damage and in damage reduction/defensive cooldowns. Like Bubbles said there are ways to help them without altering their PvE output. Just fixing trap resists and pet resummons would be a start. I'm really curious as to why a warlock can have basically unlimited pet summons (if they play smart) where as a hunter has a huge pet resummon cast time with no way around it, that is summoned with no health and can be killed instantly by an observant player. I don't at all understand why a disparity like that is necessary, especially when hunter pet switching is actually quite useful and even necessary in arena. Every other class at least has one spec that can compete at high ratings, although some are still better than others and I'm sure you'll hear lots about resto shamans and warlocks in this thread.

edit: 5 pages already, guess a lot of people care about PvP hey?
Low level PvP needs some balance. Seriously. Some classes just have ridiculous damage while others don't, and not just in PvP, which is a little odd. Either buff the lower classes or nerf the high classes, kthx.
any plans for moonkin in pvp? die in 10 sec all the time because my spec is ridiculously easy to kill is not funny anymore.
Ive noticed as of late, heals have been kinda crazy bursty. I mean I know it was a good fix overall to implement 200% crits but can we get some kind of compensation for it in pvp? It takes a few people to down any given healer in a BG now and honestly it doesnt feel balanced watching them crit heal themselves for 50-60k (imagine if i hit them for 50-60k per hit). Maybe a MS debuff buff (say that three times fast). 20%? 25% maybe?
In a nut shell, we the pvp community are tired of not getting any love.

I love this game, and I love having rbgs. I love the new mounts. But in a nutshell, those are bandages to the utter lack of love we don't get. If we had half the love the raid community received in 1 patch, then WoW PVP would blow most other games out of the water.

We don't get enough. We pay the same amount of money as all the raiders and put in the same number of insane hours. I don't want handouts, but I do want to see us pvpers having what is only fair in return.

Bugs fixed
MMR fixed - thrown out and replaced?
New Maps
New Mounts - hell with half the frequency of pvers would be great
Gold - oh maybe the memo didn't make it everyone, we only lose gold to play pvp
Challenging Achieves

I'll drop a little secret into the blue posters ear since you said you're reading these... If you go to the major pvp sites for WoW, you will find almost community wide we have 1) quit and/or 2) are as a group considering new games.

Please take the time to understand the different species of gamers. Pvpers score real high as killers on the gamer personality test. Just because we don't like scripted fights that require lots and lots of practice does not mean we don't like getting loving for our subs too.

Thanks for taking the first step and reaching out to us. It is far from enough. We as a whole are beyond disgruntled.

<Crosses fingers, really hope I don't have to find a new game b/c the entire pvp community is leaving, cuz frankly I do love the game, just hate how we're ignored and second citizen>

One last suggestion. Make pvp a viable e-sport again. One that is respected by the gaming community and not laughed at as a joke. You have a good thing, but Blizz has let it slip far too long.

Edit: typo
I'm sure the hunter community would love a comment from blizzard about the state of hunter PvP and how you guys feel about it.
make warlocks (non affliction warlocks) viable again
Are you guys being serious with how good AMS and Mana burn are? And how bad Lock single target damage and self healing are? Also where is dispel protection on Immolate?

Locks need a emergency button................... we suck without a healer vs melee!!

then again pls just nerf warriors an dks..... ridiculously over powered

im destro leave me alone, i have my own problems:P

oh yeh

need immolate dispell protection an chaos bolt hits like a wet tissue an its our end game talent!!!!!

Hello sir! This is coming from a 2700 mage, and 2500 on multiple classes. I hope this helps some.


need I say more?

I think I will!

Now, I understand that feral druid damage is supposed to even out as the season continues... so nothing will be mentioned. Warriors are complete garbage, as are resto druids. Copy pasta a

Every healer having a dispel
To me this is a huge problem with cataclysm that really sucked the diversity out of arena comps. Now that all healers are homogenized with a magic dispel, certain imbalances start to appear. A class with as much utility and interrupts and a resto shaman or a class with such incredible mobility, instant heals, cc, and mana conservation as a resto druid do not need the magic dispel. This not only belittles the other healers that have nowhere as much utility, but really takes the flavor out of unique comps. In Cataclysm there is no need for the holy paladin anymore now that Mr. Restosham can do everything he can plus windshear/grounding/hex/earthshield.

Of course I get it, it's hard to balance pvp without breaking pve and vice versa... but eh

copy pasta
Skill-cap reduction on all classes in Cata
This is a terrible way to promote and encourage more people to start PvPing. Not only does this reduce the visible skill-difference between an excellent and terrible player, but it also sucks the fun out of the game. Examples: Arms Warriors will now never leave battle stance, infinite pets for a warlock/felhunter defensive dispel gone

Honestly, I have a little more than half a mind to swap to swtor when it comes out.

rmp throughout s9 opened like tsg in wrath, good lord. Hard to play bro. Now I have to stick to playing boring, lame flavor of the month comps such as mls or fmp. I could play a worse comp, sure, but it's just so much more work.

What's amazing is that despite the skill cap is lowered for each class, it doesn't necessarily make people better at pvp. Bads will be bads. All it means is that I got to 2.2k with only 5 epics last season, because how "mentally challenged" blizzard made this game. I'm not sure how much time you spend in game Mr. Zarhym, but I've heard quite a bit that 2.2k is the new 1800.

Ah, gear. I join a bg and everybody is decked out in full pvp gear because of how easy it is to get. Now that resilience is the #1 stat in pvp and pvp is incredibly easy to get... I don't know where I'm going with this.

In wrath (using wrath as a positive example? blasphemy!) I had to do pve to mix and match, and I had to actually be decently rated to get my tier 2 gear. Ah yes, wrath. Why did blizzard make arcane mages completley useless in pvp again? I forgot.

All solved by changing tier 2 requirement to 2.4k! However, this may be far fetched...
Buff steady shot, i don't like hitting 2k with a 1.92 cast.
Detterence its kinda crappy that u take bleed,dots dmg while using it
Buff healing reduction say 20% because healers got buff
Can we please address the following:

Hunters lack of rep (Mostly they just need fixes, things that won't affect PvE at all)

Warlock too high passive survivability but complete dependance on healers

The insane strength of instant casts but Needing them to be insane because every class has multiple ways to stop hard casting.

Too high pvp damage All Around. Eveyrone does Way too much damage, Cata was supposed to slow this down.

MMRs. I would like to know why they weren't reset, Not why they can't be reset now (I personally think they can considering the MMR system is still entirely in place, it simply needs a roll back). But just tell us Why they weren't reset because honestly it feels like an oversight.

Skirms. We were told they were unpopular. That's 100% wrong and it's not like we're idiots. We know they were popular.

Shamans clear superiority over every other healer. It's gotten a tad insane. Changes to wind shear don't seem like they would be out of order.

I believe some others have addressed the massive post taken from the EU forums. That thread hit the nail on the head pretty damn well.

Eventhough im not going to leave a wall here, thank you for posting in the pvp forums and answering some questions =)
Put class cap.

THIS! Because I think it could help alot in bg's and be interesting to see in action... (almost TF2 in nature)
Zarhym - really appreciate you lending ear to us PvP enthusiasts. I have two questions:
1) Given that you are now implementing raid finder tool would you please please implementing similar tool for rated battlegrounds? Some of us have weird play timings and this make it extremely difficult to find rated teams :(

We can bring this up with the developers. It'd probably have to fundamentally function a bit differently from the Dungeon Finder and proposed Raid Finder though, otherwise a cross-realm random RBG Finder wouldn't differ that much from randomly queuing for a normal Battleground, aside from the fact your team can persist after a battle concludes.

2) This has been asked many times but is there any status update BoA realm transfer? It really sucks having to pay money to transfer character when all we want to do is transfer BoA items to new realm because friend/family don't want to roll on PvP realm :(

Once again thank you very much.

We also spoke to GC about this again yesterday (we ping him about it a lot). He made it clear that there are no design issues or qualms about allowing this functionality. Instead, it's an issue of programmer bandwidth. Because of the way WoW was originally structured around accounts, followed by the introduction of Battle.net accounts, there's a technical limitation to allowing cross-realm BoAs which has to be overcome by our Battle.net team, not the WoW development team. At the moment that team is incredibly busy building out the Battle.net platform to expand its functionality for World of Warcraft and StarCraft II, and get Diablo III going.

We're adamant about making this happen. Unfortunately, I can't really give you a timeline and I know it's already felt too long.
Although it would be a first, are there any plans to add a +Resil/+Stam food?
I'm sure this has been asked a bunch already, but I'll just play it safe and ask anyways:

Will transmogrified armor still appear changed in arena matches? What about BG, rated BGs, and skirmishes?
Hi shiny blue text!

Remove the defensive dispels from the healers that gained them in Cata OR remove Wind Shear from Resto Shamans and make it only for Enchanement/Elemental.

Remove 30% casting speed debuff from Necrotic Strike OR Desecration proccing from it.

Increase CD on Soul Swap for Locks .

Nerf Demon Armor by a certain % (it's impossible to kill a Lock with a semi-decent Resto Shaman healing them)

Increase the CD on Lock's Teleport.

Remove Feral's insta-clones via Predatory Strikes.

Buff Disc Priest's Diving Hymn (Seriously, the heal is the same as it was in WotLK)

Remove the shared CD between Charge/Intercept for Warriors.

Reduce the CD of Spell Reflect back to 10 seconds.

Bring back Arena Skirmishes. War games are fine and dandy and all but I don't always have people to do War games with and would rather jump right into arena.

Just some of the things I can think of right now. I know there are ALOT more though...

amen ^-^

slightly disagree with the druid part, ah well..

Oh right, world pvp. Why even have pvp and pve realms when all the guards hit like a truck? mystery. I remember a blue post stating that people farming dailies didn't like to be harassed by players, so blizz made tb guards one shot you. Something along those lines. Pvp realms and pve realms bro

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