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I'd love to see the relative power of CC toned down in PVP. If all forms of CC--stuns, freezes, fears, whatever--would break on damage I think it would be an enormous change for the better. Even with supermassive health pools like we have now, it's entirely possible to go from 100%-0% without being able to move your character, and if that's not a bit broken then nothing is.
Ret at times is very frustrating. Just mage's cone of cold applying 2 debuffs at one time on top of frostbolt debuff it is nearly impossible to dispel in time to stay on them. its very hard to stay on anything really. We have to sit through most cc while other melee have more escapes. At one time you guys stated that you wanted rogue defense to not depend so heavily on cds. Rets are there now. Is removing the minimum range on long arm of the law a possibility? also.
Also frustrating losing wings as soon as they are up. getting freedom stolen afterwards and then getting kited all the way to Africa.
Crusader Strike not generating any holy power when dodged/parried would be fine if it didnt have such a long cd.

Maybe make divine protection increase resistance to dispels?
that and rolling seal of justice into all seals when specced a certain way. I really sometimes wish i could peel things off my healer/partner without blowing my 1 minute cooldown stun or repent. i dont believe cc should be used as a gap closer.

Really need a way to stay on a target specially now that majority of classes now have some spells castable on the go. ever tried staying on a fire mage or ele shaman on a ret? on a hunter? It is pure hell. Specially when you see warriors/dks/enhs having less problems vs kiting.
Having to take 2 steps back to gain a 40% speed boost is self defeating. would rather it slow the target of judge my 40% and increased speed as well. but that wont happen. would be nice to see something for rets though.


Warrior utility: Bad
Dk: Needs buffs (and nerfs) make scourge worth using
Warlock: Op
Hpal: Fine
Rsham: Op
Disc: Couple small buffs
Mage: Nerf novas please?
Rogue: Too much damage
Feral: Too much damage
Rdruid: L0L... buff it
Balance: Who cares
Elemental: No one plays because resto is so op
Enhance: No one plays because resto is so op
Hunter: ....buff it all of it. Start over.

Let me add. Rbgs new rating system is bad. It makes it too hard to do them. Add 2v2 back to allowing t2 to be purchased from (since no bracket is balanced) you shouldn't leave the bracket to rot.
Why do you make the cute fluffy fat boomkins suck in PVP?

- Love, Lady Gaga.
any plans to nerf Ferals or Faerie Fire?

Rogues get absolutely slaughtered by better damaging moves by them, then they dance around you and let their bleeds crit you for 9k as they point and laugh. It's getting pretty frustrating fighting a feral AT ALL because there is no way to beat them. Oh yeah, if you happen to get an opener when their stealth is better than yours anyway, they just go bear form, pop cooldowns, and end up being a behemoth with 220k HP minimum and full tank armor.
Zar, thanks for taking the time to hear out the PvPers.

As far as battlegrounds are concerned, how do the developers feel about IoC and AV (or, specifically, PvP games with a PvE objective)? I personally don't enjoy them, but I don't know how the devs or most other players feel either.
The rated bg MMR and point system needs to change. 5/6 points for a win and -21 against teams around the same mmr/rating...how does that work? I win one game and get close to 2200 on this alt, yet I lose a game and it sets me back so far I have to win another 3/4 games just to make the gap up again. Its one step forward then four steps back.
You also cannot play with friends for fear of completely demolishing your rating like you can with arena. In arena you can queue a few wins in 30 mins and raise your mmr back up...in rated bg's its impossible to do this and it takes twenty times as long.
Make World pvp more exciting something like

daily pvp quests such as ... Pvp kill 10 enemy players in enemy territory for 50g etc

not tb killing npcs for pve gear... wtf pve gear in pvp area

85 version of gurubashi arena

more world pvp achievements and rewards...... we like those too not only pve'ers

1vs1 skirmish, 2vs2 etc
Skirmishes, sir?
Hey Zar thx alot for taking time out.

2 Quick Questions I've been curious about...

1)Ive heard a lot of ppl talking about it, but any plans for a Gilneas WPVP thing similar to Halaa?

2)Any plans for a new BG while Cata is still up?
08/18/2011 06:37 PMPosted by Kaelthalos
about that aff locks and shamans are the main classes doing well in high end and even low end pvp these classes have far to much synergy and because of this any class combined with them does well, do you have guys have any intention to fix this?

Based on my recent conversation with GC, he did mention in particular that a Resto shaman tweak needs to be made. In particular, he's prepared to get his nasty claws on Windshear.

He's gone for the day and I don't want to try and paraphrase our conversation, at the risk of sounding incredibly naive. ;p Besides, I don't want this thread to be dictated by class balance.
/girlish squeal


Okay, now that's out of the way I can ask my question =)

Are there any plans on improving the report AFK function in battlegrounds?
Give Warriors back their mobility on the battle field. I suggest the following ideas to make it work.

First off undo all the changes to Warrior PvP for like the last 2 years. Give us charge and intercept on separate cooldowns again. Let charge and intercept remove roots. Return Spell reflect to its old glory. Warriors were never meant to be so easily kept at a distance.

Second, instead of keeping us away from our enemies, because we can "burst" them down too quickly, reduce our damage. Maybe give us a damage reduction while moving, or for a time period after a charge/intercept. I do not mind dying to a good kiter, I do mind dying to a mediocre rooter. Warriors used to be feared by mages, and druids on the battlefield, now we are turned into target dummies.

Spell reflect should occur as often as it used to, maybe you can just have it return less damage.

Finally, fix the charge/intercept mechanics. I never end up in the same place after a charge. Sometime I am behind the boss, sometimes off to one side. Can we just charge to the front of the boss? I think we can all figure how to turn them around once we get there. :)

Feel free to contact me ingame Zarhym, I would gladly give you my vent information and chat the pros and cons of my ideas.
What is your thoughts on Shaman/Warlock synergy? and even their classes indavidually? Do you have any plans to adress that?

And, the more pressing issue, It's probably too late in blizzards eyes to reset the ladders, but are there any plans to make the ladders more active again some way? A lot of high teams don't want to que, due to MMR deflation with the recent fix.

edit: you covered the first part.
Ensign Zarhym, set a course for Gilneas world PVP.

p.s. Don't you dare touch Frost Mages. I'm loving this gal for PVE, but would totally be up for urban warfare in Glineas. Do Not Touch Frosties - they're the most fun in WOW PVE no question!

By the way, Zarhym... good job out there, champ. *Hands you a cookie*

Oh, and please fix AV. Thank you :D
Oh, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE remove Spirit Link Totem. It was such a dumb buff for Resto Shamans who were already ridiculously good.
I would agree that AV feels broken in so many ways. Everytime I run it as horde it's just a massive zerg fest, and nobody seems to have a clue as to how the map works. Maybe make the NPCs do more damage and scale that with each new season? I think there's a lot of potential for PVE+PVP maps, but right now bot IOC and AV need some work.

I always thought a DOTA/LOL style BG would be kickass. Instead of leveling up and getting a new ability, the player would get a buff, similar to the wintergrasp buff when your side was low on players, and it would stack the more kills you got, bypassing shops completly. You could impliment lots of fun PVE elements into this, simliar what a 'jungler' deals with in DoTA or LOL.

Just a thought ;D
Skirmishes, sir?

I forgot this. This we want back, really badly. Keep war games, they're cool when you actually have enough people, but we want skirmishes back.

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