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my questions are battleground related.

1) Are you happy with the change to warsong gulch graveyards encouraging camping with little to no way to escape? This mostly relates to random battlegrounds, not rated bgs.

2) Was there a reason why the lower graveyards in WSG were not just implimented in rated only to prevent flag carriers camping them? And leaving the old style for randoms which gave us a way out through the two ramps if people were camping the base of the cliff.

3) AV - is there any way to prevent this being a pve race to the finish? Many games you rarely see pvp because both sides just race to the boss.

4) Landscape issues. In some battlegrounds there's the nice glitch of being able to fire through the ground... one noticable one is blood elf tower in eye of the storm... being able to kill people through the ground is rather unfair when the ranged player is standing at the base of the cliff. Is this something we may see fixed for all bgs?
Hi Zar,

If you’re listening, then I’m going to help provide some feedback. While I enjoyed AV in the golden days of Vanilla, and with the changes made, it’s non pretty much non-zergable, which is great. But the other 40 man, Isle of Conquest, needs to go. Not many know how to play it, and even if they do, not very well. This makes the entire duration very unpleasant. A lot of people rather afk in the battle then apply themselves.

I enjoyed the 40 mans, they were epic and super fun, but rather than having them in the usual PvP rotation, why not make them weekend only? So many people are okay with AV, but I know the PvP community is pretty unhappy with IoC. With the botters and afkers, it’s not fun and a waste of time. I think with the removal of 40 mans, perhaps, the Dev team could provide us a better 10 man map.

I like Battle of Gilneas and Twin Peaks are very nice, new maps for old favorites. I rather like those and still bear no love for Strand of the Ancient. Vehicle battles are meh, but do able. Eye of the Storm is an interesting blend of WSG and AB, which gives perhaps a new idea for another and new BG.

My idea would be for a BG where there are three main capture points, but like IoC, there can be 2 bonus areas that help buff the team or give additional protection. I think another cool idea would be a much better designs on ‘forts’. Give us a better version of Gilneas, a deeper and bigger map, where we’re using roads, can go by roof, or going through buildings. I think it would be so amazing to have a pretty intense map where there are several routes, but also levels and terrain to use to our advantage.

Another thing that is bothering me is the state of Arena. It seems those with a 3k mmr can have a negative win ratio, but the issue with over all arena system. I rather loved the zero sum system of Burning Crusade. You fought in several team ratings as you went up, making people wanting to preserve their teams.

Now teams are a dime a dozen and with the ‘fix’ to prevent mmr exploit- mind you very late and with NO reset- it seems the ladders are very skewed. I think a soft reset would help, but otherwise… why not go back to the zero sum system? People can still play with friends, but they’re a bit more responsible about preserving their teams or who they play with.

While starting a fresh team might be a hassle, I’m sure many of the high rated players can get those wins in and reclimb in rating.

Thanks for your time and I apologize for my typos.

Everything and more is said in this post...
08/18/2011 06:52 PMPosted by Vultures
Skirmishes, sir?

Skirmishes are a weird phenomenon. When designing Cataclysm, we looked at the data and saw an extremely fractional percentage of the entire playerbase actively using Skirmishes. So with all of the other changes happening, along with BG War Games, we decided not to polish up Skirmishes and keep them in.

The last time we talked to the developers about it, they mentioned the possibility of these going back in to compliment War Games. But given they saw very little evidence to suggest coding for Skirmishes paid off for players, it seems a low priority.
Give us back our Alterac Vally. (the Alterac vally where you actually pvp)

So many pvp enthusiasts will take this over almost any pvp update
08/18/2011 07:00 PMPosted by Gerente
PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU FOR THIS FIX WORLD PVP WITH GILNEAS CITY http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2973008845?page=1

You're coming off so desperate for attention in this thread it's actually pathetic.
Are there any plans to add a feature that will let you see a replay of your last arena/ rated bg match kind of like sc2?
I think something like that would be great for players to be able to review their own team play, strats and see what they can do to improve.
What about spectator client for arena/rated bg so others can watch?

Please read this. An MMR reset is NEEDED. Gladiator is going to be people sitting on teams this season because the MMR wasn't reset if you didn't leave your team. This was a pointless fix.

If MMR isn't reset, the people getting rank 1 will be the same people as last season. This is not good for the spirit of competition.

If needed, I can provide counterarguments for anything you can come up with defending not resetting. This isn't meant to be a hostile statement, just a passionate one.

For all the flak people give the developers for pvp, I feel it's the best pvp experience out there. I don't do fps games though, so my opinion may be in the minority.

Some things I would like to see:

Easier reputation gains in AB, WSG, and AV. Perhaps not even easier, rather more controlled (as in still gaining reputation even if you lose or score no flag caps).

More unique pvp mounts and tabards. Armored mounts should be pvp mounts, yet we mostly only see unique pve mounts and racial mounts in bg's.

Gold for winning Bg's / arena's, and more gold found on dead enemy corpses. I don't want to do dailies for gold, I want to pvp. It costs me repairs when I die in pvp, but the recoops aren't there.

Class balance and whatnot aren't on my list because that is a never-ending battle that will be waged until the game dies. The most fun I've had in this game was vanilla wsg games where it was all same server fights, and season 3 arena where I feel balance was (for the most part) pretty damn good. Idk, nostalgia sometimes makes it seem like things were great, but people complained a lot back then too. Overall, keep trying new things when something fails and consistently reward players for their efforts.
Warrior is not a good 1v1 class i can agree but with a healer or another behind it, they are very good.

Warlock can CC better then mages these days, Fear 3 times death coil and AOE fear, plus teleport and pet, not including a slowing curse and dots that are kick !@#

Priest is fine i have a priest and i have no trouble playing them.

Hunter this class has a huge damage increase because they now use focus instead of mana, going BM = huge damage and hard to heal through with another player attack you, and other specs have large survivability

Sorry if you are going by 1v1 fights you do not belong in this thread i am going off arena and arena only, RBG is not a 1 class fight because you have 10 - 40 players in it...team work is the key
for love of god fix typhoon, thanks.
pvp armor sets who makes them? i think that they are usually aren't nearly as cool as pvp sets and it makes me a sad pandaren (//_Q)
PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU FOR THIS FIX WORLD PVP WITH GILNEAS CITY http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2973008845?page=1

You're coming off so desperate for attention in this thread it's actually pathetic.

26 pages in the original one and 7 in this one. I'll be as pathetic as I have to in order to get the point across that the hundreds of players who support this idea (everyone I have spoken to on my server about it does as well, so probably thousands) deserve a blue response.
zigenxo go to khaz madan and whisper zathore or look him up, BM hunter...he loves his class
Resto Druids FIX tree form, at least make me shift in and then out for the same duration or something b/c Death Gripped into mid and chained for mana burns isn't fun.

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