Best Warrior Names

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How about a little extra sauce with that.
alpha indeed
original gangster, get rich...
i like mine, its just sounds trollish, and it matches my characters personality almost!

i love it. :)

ALSO, fellow warriors.

Kogoruhn was a sixth house base in morrowind. Means "unbreakable home". Fitting for a prot warrior.
was "Xplsvdiarrhea" but i got reported while leveling up.

i couldnt think of a new name.
I might as well post mine.
08/30/2011 03:24 PMPosted by Warfront
I might as well post mine.

And here is my alliance warrior!
checking in
best name ever for a war think this alt win's... well making him my main now
My name is unique?
Fred, or Larry. Maybe Sam, Paul, Jane etc.
Gets the message across. I am a warrior, and I warrior people.

<-- Yeah buddy.
Here's a few of my warriors.

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