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I just picked this character up again after retiring him for quite some time and I decided I'm gonna go shadow. One of the things I'm having a hard time finding is what the haste break points are for our DoT's i.e. VT, sw:p and DP. At what haste rating value do they gain an additional tick? I understand haste is best to stack because it reduces MF channel duration, but I'm curious about our DoT break points. For instance my resto shaman, old main, only has 920 haste, 917 required for additional tick on Riptide, and stacked mastery from there.

I looked at checked the sticky on the blizz forums but couldn't find any clear answers. I'm not exactly math friendly, but if you can just provide the formula to find it, I think I could figure it out from there.

5th page down.

Pretty sure they are relatively irrelevant on VT/SW:P due to the way additional ticks work. The guide states once you reach a specific haste threshold this changes but....

dont go to the sticky go here sticky doesnt have !@#$ on spriest haste

Nice spreadsheet for all your dots with and w/out DI, Goblin racial, Hero/BL/TW
There is no breakpoint, per say, but there IS a point where Mastery becomes better then Haste.

Scroll down to FAQs and it shows more graphs! this time with and without DI, and it has actual values for the most beneficial haste points of interest with and without goblin racial. (Look for the 2 graphs with white backgrounds if you don't wanna read through everything to find it.)

It's written by the same person as the thread Harrysacks refered to, but a little more exactly what you're looking for I believe.
Yeah, most of the time go to guide. The Weights on the sticky here are all whack.

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