the roll game

Can you tell people that they trade you an amount and they roll 1-66 is a loss and 67-97 is double what you traded and 98-100 is tripple and not scamm them if they win double i trade back double and if they win tripple i trade them tripple and not spamming trade is it legal and not breaking any rules
In response to your question, only if you publicly advertise. Blizz is fine with gambling in game as long as it's privately run, and that there is no scamming involved. So, you cannot do it via trade chat, nor may you ask people if they would like to do so. There was a blue post awhile back that basically said if you had a private channel you could use that to get people to do it with you.

Hope this helps!
How do i get people to do it then can i yell it out once and a while? saying like please pst me if your interested in playing cause i wanna make money off of it
And thankyou it did i just wanna do it but not get banned doing it
Id like to talk to you without having to talk in messages on this would u like to make a toon and pst me on stormrage alli i have some questions
The rules for these kind of things are really simple:

You're allowed to play casino style games in private channels however, you're not allowed to advertise for them under any circumstance - trade, general chat, mass mails, forum posts, yelling, emoting, etc.
How do i get people in the private chat channels without saying wanna play this game join my chat channel in trade
So in trade i cant say.......wanna play roll game?
If your message were as simple as "Join <channel> to play a roll game" -- that might fly. Then once people joined, you could explain the rules to them and let them decide if they wanted to stay or leave.

Your best bet is to pass the word around using vent though, as even mentioning the game may be a violation.
KK thanks alot youve been helpful
Pretty much what sindaco has said is all accurate. As he said, vent/skype are prolly the best ways to get the word around as blizz doesn't take too kindly on public advertising for gambling games.

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