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Since the last patch all the achievements I've been tracking keep resetting to untracked when I log off.
I have been experiencing this problem, too. Also, related to that, when I reselect what achievements I'm tracking on my main then switch to my alt, I find the alt is tracking the same achievements...

It's not an extremely dire bug, but it's a little irritating.
Yep. Same here.

It is extremely annoying because I am often tracking many quests and have to go re-track them all every time I log.

Any time I log in on any toon since the micropatch, all their quests are unchecked, all their achievements that were checked are unchecked, AND the settings that used to be saved in Dungeon Finder - tank/heal/dps/leader, which dungeons were selected - are also unchecked. Probably also applies to Raid Finder, though it's been uselessly narrow in level limits for a few weeks now.

It does not seem to be affecting checkboxes for the Interface preferences, so it's not as bad as it could be, but MAN this is annoying.

Very annoying bug. Affects tracking guild achievements as well, just to be clear.
This is affecting not only achievements, but quests as well for me.
Having this happen to me with quests. Kind of annoying.
08/09/2011 11:29 AMPosted by Mithglyn
Since the last patch all the achievements I've been tracking keep resetting to untracked when I log off.

Same issue here as well.
I'm having the problem too, as well as some others who mentioned it in TC on my server.
I'm experiencing this as well. Quest and achievements tracking not being maintained properly between login/logout sessions.

In addition the my LFG role selection doesn't seem to be being remembered/tracked either.
same thing happening to me
This is happening to me as well, only recent i would say since that bug fix patch was deployed
Adding my voice to this issue. Tracking achievements and quests is quite wonky atm. Started with 4.2.0a.
Same thing happening here.

Logging out for short periods has not been causing the the objective to go blank, but logging our for an extended period is blanking it.

And for me at least, the list is not always being reset, it's just a display issue. I'll log into a blank list, but the the frame will still be there, the title will show the number of objectives I am tracking and the quest and achievement dialogs will have checks by the objectives being tracked. The objectives simply aren't displaying.

Other times, the frame itself will be absent and nothing will be checked as being tracked.

Edit: Having jsut finished checking all characters today, none of them even had the objective frame showing. It has been just yesterday thus far for an empty frame displaying.
same problem here on all of the above!
I'm thankful that the word is getting out on this. There was some discussion on whether it was an addon problem, but I've seen two different tracking addons having the same issue. So there's definitely something wrong at the core.
I thought I was going nuts, good to see others are experiencing the same thing and it does in fact appear to be a bug!
And it also appears that the UI doesn't save my settings, like minimap zoom (always go back to default when I log) or LFD tool role selection (now I always have to select my roles when I log, used to save my last used roles).
I had the fishing and cooking dailies being tracked on my Alliance toon on The Venture Co. and logged on this toon to see this today. Cross faction and cross server tracking. LOL
Another thing that is now starting to happen to me is that the achievements are crossing from one character to another.

Logged in and reset my warrior's archeology achievements, then logged out and switched to my shaman and the same achievements are being tracked - even tho they were never set for the shaman.

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