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Am I supposed to be seeing something?

Edit: Turns out the interesting bit is the latest post on the wall, not the page Neth linked to.

Edit 2: She's gone and changed the link to point directly to the picture in question now. You can safely disregard this post.
There is no spoon?
I think Nethaera is referring to the photo.

Maybe the new races will be Pandaren and Ethereals?
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I see the glimpses pic. Maybe a redo of Outland? Those guys there were from Outland back in the day.
Meh. Ethereals.
Does not feel like looking for a Panda version of that.
Etherials are becoming a playable race ?

or is it hinting at an Outland overhaul ?

The second Idea would be crazy :S
Next Expansion Races:

Horde: Panda Bears
Alliance: Ethereals

Mmm. That might be the Etherium capital city?

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