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Recently a lot of my RL friends have stopped playing wow.
I transferred to Greymane (PvE) to play with them even though I love PvP servers.
So now I'm looking to transfer into an extremely high population server that's about 50/50ish and no more than 30/70 (or 70/30).
I keep hearing tichondrius come up. 50/50ish ratio and good PvP.
Looking at wow census and realm stats i see that stormreaver is 21,000/14,000 and is the second highest populated server. (highest pvp server)
YET, on the wow in-game realms list stormreaver is a medium population server and yet tichondrius (that is only 4200/4000) is full.

are wow census and realm stats reliable?
i hope so, because stormreaver is just what im looking for according to it
Check out Mannoroth, we are high pop and have pretty good parity (slightly favor Ally) and if you are into PvP see what we have planned here, a lot of world PvP and more scheduled:


(the census are not complete sometimes because they need a lot of people with the addon to be active)
but if it was due to not enough people with it then it wouldnt make up 35,000 players

i was thinking. is stormreaver only medium because it can host more players then the average sever due to its popularity?
I'm not an expert on the census info I gave up on them years ago due to very unreliable data. All the servers should have a very similar cap in the amount of players they hold.

As I understood to get these numbers the census addon basically /who's everyone on the server and because everyone is not on at the same time the dates,times, and number of people with the addon can skew numbers.
DO NOT GO TO MANNOROTH PLEASE. I am on mannoroth as well, and I can't find 1 PvP only guild, despite the fact that it's a PvP server. I'm switching to Tichondrius as soon as I can.

(Mannoroth does have friendly players, and many of them though)
There are definitely some good PvP'ers there, and although PvP guilds are hard to come by on any server that is why we are trying to make a very successful one for each faction with some pretty good numbers and community response already.
Sargeras is a good PvP servers, the normal arena rating on here is usually 1800+, lots of gladiators. I think the world PvP is good too, dominated by alliance though.
08/12/2011 11:11 AMPosted by Thegivintree
I keep hearing tichondrius come up. 50/50ish ratio and good PvP.

Tichondrius is currently the top alliance PvP server. However, people will require extremely high rating and skill for you to get along there.
yeah im not looking for an ally dominated server
in fact id rather be horde dominated as long as the alliance were still good as far as arenas raids and such
while the people on tichondrius seem very serious im also looking for a very heavily populated server like stormreaver where i could fly around and have no trouble doing world pvp wherever i go
Check our topic out if you want a lot of world pvp, population, and rated teams.
Wowcensus is EXTREMELY inaccurate and unreliable. Try Tichondrius if you want a good, balanced, PvP server.

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