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when i download the game i only got the new repair tool wich is only repairing the latest patches is it a way to download repair.exe?
any blue can respond /?
is really anyone responding in the forums>?
People do respond on the forums. It just takes time.
11/02/2010 12:27 PMPosted by AdamS
You can bump your thread if it falls past the second page. Please remember that Technical Support moderates the forums 7 AM to 8 PM Pacific Time, 7 days a week.

There is only one Repair tool, Carmelino, and it repairs the entire game client. Why exactly would you only want to repair the "non-patched" part of the game?

In any case, Repair.exe can always be downloaded from
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hey jeremy i have that and this repair tool only will repair the latest patch ONLY i dont know why is doin that
just run it and only repair 50.8mb entire game is 13plus gig if im correct

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