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Completely agree with the OP on all his points.

I watch PVP videos and see people fluently kite/melee-on-the-run other players like its not even an issue, i jump on any melee-based character and struggle to get a swing off on any unstared target, even while within melee range.

If it were Americans, they'd call it unplayable etc... Why should we consider it any different?
i strongly agree with this i am highly sick of being 30 second behind and have 250 200 170 MS it makes it really hard to dps and alot of people have troubly dpsing in this id love to see americans or some other country thats outside of autralia and NZ dps in it please make australian servers you guys have more then enough money
I would definately pay an additonal couple of dollars a month for lower ping. And I know my guildmates most likely would as well.

It's an awesome idea and would bring warm and fuzzy feelings as well as less filthy looks from my cat who seems really bothered when i start bashing my number keys really hard wishing it was instantanious casting instead of lagged out grumble grumble.

Who would feel the love? Australia would feel the love. Yeah :-D
I uses to live in syd as well and even with ping reducer i would get 150-200ms average... Now i am living in america and is getting 50ms tops without any ping reducer.. Having a server located near Aus would not only help Nz and Aus but also singapore malaysia and other neighbouring countries which makes up most of people in oceanic server...isnt that significant enough?

But would blizz even consider it?
It's also good for me cause of MS i would go from 165 to a 50 MUWAHAHAHAHHHA

SRS tho i will look after the servers if you want me to, ill clean out the CPU fans every know and then.
Maybe not in mainland Australia, but in the Oceanic region would be nice, even a Singaporean server would decrease pings by a lot, and lets remember that not all oceanic players are based in Australia/NZ.

Agree with all the points here. Unfortunately I do not think anyone from blizzard will respond to this. Would be fantastic though to get some Australian based servers! Playing with ~500ms in Perth is rough on the best of days
Stop acting like a special snowflake.Australians are not the only people playing on oceanic servers.The idea that you own this part of the world is ridiculous, I would rather have them put the servers in China or singapore.
11/09/2012 01:41 PMPosted by Aberten
I would rather have them put the servers in China or singapore.

Yea well most of australian industry has gone to china and asia anyway so why not. Even the US is in debt to them lol.
Singapore or Indonesia would be fine.

Maybe our Governments could cut a deal.

We will keep accepting the boat people if the Indonesians host and cover the costs for the WoW servers.
I say we all go on strike, for 1 month, stick together our voices can be heard
Kahn, unfortunately, the number of people who'd see that is horrificly low compared to the entire oceanic player base, and the number of people that would ACTUALLY do that, is completely invisible. It wouldn't work at all, and either way, they wouldn't care. They'd just go, "Hey, less expenses!" *Delete all oceanic servers*
Love this, Aussies would the best players in the world if our latency wasn't so !@#$, thats probs why Blizz wont allow it, most aussie guilds are at the top of the RBG and Arena area, just think if our latency was at like 30 like the yanks, would make it to easy for us! Free Bump!
America is that far in debt, i don't see why the American Government havent forced blizzard to contribute half their money intake into their pockets lol!
Guys, please, enough, I've been seeing these threads for six years now, its not going to happen, move on, 150ms aint that bad!
It won't happen. Telstra's demands were far too high (as usual) and given the amount of subs steadily lost since Cata, it doesn't make financial sense to sink money into an Aussie server.

At least we can play WoW...

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