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01/09/2013 03:32 PMPosted by Tamethebeast
You must have extremely bad internet then. I'm in Sydney and I only get up to 120ms and 160 or so WHILE downloading tons of things. Don't blame Blizzard for something on your end.

You live in sydney, you have a direct port right through to the server/s, all other players in Australia are having to jump through 1-15 exchanges/towers etc, so nothing to do with "our end" I live in Adelaide, ADSL2, as well as tunnel, best i can get is 250-500, is not just about how good your net is, is all about physical location!

And just accept it people, ive played since vanilla, and in 05/06 there was a mass forum regarding this, bigger than this one, and blizzard did the same then as they do now, ignore it, then just renamed the realms they made, "oceanic" all it did was give the Americans somewhere to come get easy pvp achs, knowing most of us cant compete with the ping we have.

The window for servers is long gone, this whole "oceanic forum" is pretty much useless, never get any blues in here, is like a no go zone, just a MVP when he/she decides to come out of the shadows.

With Robert Kotick at the helm of Activision Blizzard, you can be assured servers will never hit Aussie soil, he is just a money machine, which is a shame really, as this game is slowly dying due to his cut backs etc, nothing lasts forever but it might have if Michael Morhaime, Allen Adham and Frank Pearce didnt sell out.
Still rooting for this to happen! One day maybe.. one day!
12 pages later, still no Blue post. Keep fighting..
Its sad that we get 200-250 ms at the best of times. PvP sucks. PvE as stated by OP is affected too.. Keep the posts coming.. Blizzard will have to respond if we put enough pressure by posting continously and supporting the idea of aussie-based servers for Oceanic realms..
A decision on whether Blizzard will place a server or two in Oceania will depend on FUTURE games in their pipeline, not WoW

Blizzard have steadfastly said that WoW’s life will be 5 expansions, and they have not to my knowledge changed that. That means WoW’s life is on the downward side of the hill. Why would they place a server in Oceania for a game that will slowly die out over the next few years.

I doubt highly that Blizzard/Activision are that stupid to think that “Oceania/Australasia” has a tiny population consisting of New Zealand and Australia – completely forgetting about the 200 million people living in Indonesia (with an exploding Middle Class population)

I agree that Blizzard completely missed the ball about WoW’s popularity in Oceania. But to put a server in our neighbourhood NOW when the game has one more expansion then will slowly run out is frankly stupid.

Blizzard/Activision future games that they have on the drawing board now, will decide on whether they plan to put servers in Oceania. Those new games maybe years away yet.

BTW. I am in Wellington New Zealand. On a good day I sit between 400 to 500ms. PVP, BGs, Raids are a distant memory for me. I don’t even bother with them these days – I am already dead even before I know it most times. From a gamer that has had this game from the very start (waaaay back in the old Classic WoW days) I have gone from playing it everyday without fail, to now-a-days at best 2 or 3 hours a week and will probably cancel my account altogether.

As another poster stated, we in Oceania are the freebies that keeps Blizzard’s racks of servers ticking over while North America sleeps. I worked in the US for a time, and playing the game on less than 40ms was like playing a completely different game. Plus, US friends out here on vacation in NZ considered my experience of WoW at 400ms as “unplayable”.

Lets not even go down the route of customer service from Blizzard for us here in Oceania. Error 114 anyone? Apparently not Blizzard’s fault. Apparently ISPs in EVERY country in Oceania decided to all ‘do something on their end’ to prevent our Oceanic Servers (in the US) from recognising our computers….

There are plenty of other games out there guys.
Lets say there is 700 000 Players in Oceanic server that's $10.5 Million Dollars a month.
Since blizzard only pays attention to their income, we should all cancel our Subscription for a month or two on Oceanic Server, and see if they notice.
Just a wild idea, highly doubt it will happen but hey you never know, they might realise the amount of money the lose from us and do something to keep us playing.
WoW may be drawing closer to it's last days, but wouldn't we benefit from having towers down this way in the next big game release "Titans"? And what ever comes after that.

I myself, won't be around for that. Due to latency problems I have no intentions of reinvesting in a new game. I love playing WoW and have for years and that is the only reason I keep playing, I will dearly miss my online friends, my mounts and companions that I have worked for over the years. But the lack of customer service and just the " We want your money but dont ask anything from us" attitude, well basically as I said, If they have no interest in investing in us, then I have no interest in their future endeavours. I realise that my leaving when WoW is finally laid to rest wont make one iota of difference to them, but maybe some other company will realise the potential within the southern hemisphere and one day we will get some really great gaming.
People in Australia have ping over 200? :O I'm on 160 and im truly on the !@#$ end of the world(New Zealand). Oceanic Servers will be a no go, just won't happen and there are plenty of reasons why. Blizzard has never actually given a rats %^-* about any of its customers, if everyone can remember back to the time where latency for all had sky-rocketed for weeks on end. Those making money have a simple philosophy. It's everyone elses problem, not theirs, even when it's so blatantly obvious. Play Shoot'em ups and hop on the locally hosted servers for lower ping, least you know your pumping money back into your country instead of a foreign company that no longer has any creative juices left in their think tanks.

Pandaria should of remained concealed within the mists, it was obviously there for a god damned good reason. EVERY BODY WAS KUNG FU FIGHTING! -facepalm-
shoosh and more shooshes and plenty more shooshesss...

Realy people, why are you begging and continue to beg when you haven't yet heard anything from a blue post. May i yell out to the crowd and start shouting out.... PLEASE OH PLEASE, NO MORE BEGGING!

P.s Begging just gets you know where, so no need for it at all.

Sincerely The Anoying Druid
Having read bits and peices here and there i find it amusing that there are people out there calling the "NBN" obsolete and useless, I'll tell everyone whats obsolete, Useless and expensive

ADSL 1 and ADSL 2+ Both of these services send and receive signals over STANDARD twisted pair and astonishingly low speeds that suffer extreme distance based diminishing returns, an example below:

You live right next to the Exchange and happen to be directly plugged into it, CONGRATULATIONS SO LONG AS IT'S AN UPDATED TOP OF THE LINE EXCHANGE and nothing is wrong with your lines and you have a way to cancel out echo, You should experience either 24/1 or if its compatible 28/3 in best possible situations (You'll average at 20/.8)

You Live Right next to the exchange but aren't directly wired in instead your Telephone line runs around the street with a dozen others totaly to 800 meters between you and it, Congratulations 16/.5 will be your average in best possible situations.

You live 2 kilometers from the exchange or greater, Have fun with that, At best you'll get 1/.2

The Fibre network brought to us by the NBN is top of the line capable of delivering 1GB up/down to each house in the 95% selected, It is also more then capable of hosting the world of warcraft servers at a datacenter and cheap to do so because of the change in ownership, Telstra no longer has a monopoly.

the NBN has a 50-70% take up rate with people, Some don't care some want it, But in the end everyone will have to use it when the copper network is disabled, Fibre>copper

Fibre does not suffer diminishing returns when it comes to distance only latency, Which will obviously happen and for those that say they have 140ms pings in australia, it takes 170ms for light to get from here to there so your program is telling you talltales. (PS intercontinental cables are fibre and as such light based)

There really is no reason why blizzard shouldn't do it, They could charge slightly extra with it and decomission the old oceanic servers or just plain move em to a capital, There are DOZENS of Isps with enough backhaul to do it who would be Delighted to host, To name a few? Westnet(Owned by Iinet) Iinet Internode(Now owned by iinet) Telstra.
Why has nobody mentioned a server in NZ ? Whangarei ( Which is located near the top of the north Island has had Fibre for like 2 years now. So have many other places. Could be the prices, probably is :)

But a server in NZ would give people in Aus under 50ms easy unless they have 40ms to their exchange type connections. And of course WA which would get at the least 75ms But would also give California 130ms which some americans might play on who knows..

Just saying NZ servers man, its where its at. Or Sydney :) even WA. Still better than U.S of A
Just saying NZ servers man.

I've been thinking this exact same thing for the past week.

As for myself I live in Wellington NZ and work for a Satellite Earth Station in Upper Hutt. We recently just installed a bunch of servers at our workplace for an Australian company and even have local fibre to the door.

Even though sorting out the fibre was a struggle because of Telecom and all their bull!@#$ it shows that it can be done.

I think if Blizz wanted to they could put servers in NZ easy as.

What really prompted me to write this reply is I recently just started to play WoW again.
I've been focusing heavily on PvP currently I can get anywhere form 180ms - 500ms. At 180ms I still believe the game to be slightly unplayable while trying to PvP.

As a customer who has sunk thousands into this game from 2004 - Present just like many others from both Aus/NZ I believe it's about time Blizz cut the bull%^-* and gives us some servers!
I would be happy enough if they picked NZ as a place to do it.

I also PvP, random BG,s and 2,s and if I get to run them at 200/250 it's a good day :(
Go look at the D3 forums, you'll see blue post after blue post telling us that they are looking into it"..and of course nothing ever happens.

TO THIS DAY Blizzard will not, and has not, ever given a straight yes or no answer and they never will.
12 hour maintenance in our prime playing time -_- *sigh*
Wow I remember this discussion back in Vanilla days hehe.

Although it doesn't surprise me that Blizzard hasn't moved to implement servers in Australia it does surprise me that they have not migrated the oceanic servers to Singapore.

Personally I would be very happy with servers based in Singapore (since we are never going to get servers in Australia) - should be about half the ping.
Well I would say Blizzard will want to make more games AND why not approach another gaming company for a joint venture on servers?

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