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Support this.
So the major benefit of Australian servers would be seen in questing, 50MS during questing is important right?

Quests, raids, dungeons, scenarios..all of which need good ping to be able to do properly. Lag spikes in a raid can mean the difference between downing a boss and a wipe.
Trying to get through Brawler's is so hard when u have to react to everything a third of a second faster than anyone from the US would... It really is hard mode blizz =\

Could almost guarantee the player-base would jump massively in Australia if this were implemented.
Activision(Blizzard) would so benefit from this, Imagine a BF3, CoD server in Australia along with World of Warcraft, DiabloIII etc. Writing on WoW websites etc ain't gonna help or do anything. Best just to write to Activision.
CoD already HAS Aussie servers. I spoke to a guy at Activision that says yes they are the parent company, but Blizzard runs their own show.
But COD, BF3 etc are FPS and really don't have much of a setup involved in creating servers in other countries, hence why players can rent or create there own servers with customisable features.

But MMOs are a different matter, they are more resource hungry, and require a lot of setup to get off and running, as well, maintenance is a lot more time consuming.

And the story that Telstra asked too much from Blizzard is a myth.

Internode has ask Blizzard countless times if they could host servers in Australia and they have even offered to foot the bill in regards to staff, maintenance, setup costs etc, just as long as they can say " We host official Blizzard servers at Internode".

Still Blizzard turned them down on the offer.

As long as you all still play on Oceanic servers based in the U.S., and majority don't protest or complain, they will not change their stance on the matter.
I would love to play on a server that is actually located in Australia and I would be more than happy to pay an extra $5 a month. It would make such a difference in my gameplay experience. I can just imagine...not having to queue up my next cast when the one I'm currently casting is midway through the castbar :s.
Agreed- & with telstra have less power now with interner & the NBN network it is the perfect time to Give us oceanic servers!

I don't believe I should pay an extra $5.00 to play WoW. I took a teaching job in Taiwan...and now I play on an Oceanic Realm (hosted in LA). I don't think it to be fair to pay an additional fee to access a "new and improved"Oceanic server with promises of a better response time.

There are many things that can contribute to latency...and paying this additional fee is not much of a guarantee that my ping will go from 165ms to 65ms. There has to be a better solution.
Whip the horse's eyes.
I agree that some solutions on here are possibly not fair in the eyes of blizzard head honcho's in the sence of paying an extra $5 a month. But I know many of us would for the option of better latency. I can only speak for myself when I say i would pay it to get it. Lots of the endgame is done while under extreme pressure from mechanics and sitting on a ~400ms ping for myself makes things even harder, and sometimes impossible. Just dancing on the first boss in ToT with all the lightning running around on heroic mode is frustrating enough when you dont get hit by any of them yet you get smacked for 200k damage.

Do feel neglected by blizzard for no response for what feels like years on these forums about this issue.
Its clear this suggestion will never be addressed by blizzard. If dissatisfied with the service cancel your subscription, you should be given the choice to provide feedback.

Myself id like to see true oceanic servers like so many other companies manage to do.
Why would they give us Oceanic servers if we're just going to keep paying our $$ every month playing on american ones?
Why would they give us Oceanic servers if we're just going to keep paying our $$ every month playing on american ones?

It will attract more players? not that hard to workout. SWTOR has quite a few aussies cause it has aussie servers. Most of the aussie servers are dieing now.
The aussie swtor servers are being switched off soon due to lack of use.
I want to back up what he said ^^^^
I battle with an average of 250ms here in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia. I have tried all sorts of tunneling programs, a registry edit, and more, to try to get the lowest latency possible.
I have written to Blizzard, (via a Ticket), then given a range of things to check on my PC etc etc.
I have even bought a brand new Game dedicated PC, just for WoW, and there is no difference.
I have chosen to play on U.S. realms/servers, because of my business, and my work times. Because I work from 6pm until approx. 3am Wed, Thurs, Friday & Saturday nights, I feel I cannot play on an Oceanic realm, because most guilds/players would be raiding and running together, when I am out working. So I run on US Alextsrasza, and I am able to run with U.S. players etc, but with high latency...
The problem with that is, I am not "up there" in DPS or HEALING (my damage is ok) because, I am not able to compete effectively with players running on 0 - 60ms (most average I have been told, by other players) latency. This affects my abilities and spells getting off as fast as most of the other players I would run with....
Surprisingly to alot of people, 250 - 300ms does affect game play.
Now... my argument is... why won't Blizzard strike a deal with Telstra, and give us a physical server in Sydney. They have lost an enormous amount of Aussie players, for this very reason... HIGH LATENCY!!! I personally, would pay $25-30 a month just to have lower latency and better connection. I know this is not for everyone, but I would do it.
I would go so far (as I am in the Entertainment industry myself) to help promote World Of Warcraft in Australia, to recruit more Aussie players (both old subscribers and "new"), to get more of them into the game.
We need more people to stand up, and ask for this to happen. Not sure where else to go with this matter, so I hope this letter is seen by the appropriate people :)
And as for the comments about SWTOR aussie servers "dying". That's because SWTOR "was" popular all over the World, but it has died everywhere, myself included. I played for a few weeks on & off to see if it was better, and it was... 90 ms average. But I didn't like the game. My game is WoW.
Yes they will keep taking our money until we make enough noise about it that they do something about it....
Don't give up guys. Submit a bug, a suggestion, or a ticket every week, from all your toons.... MAKE A NOISE, if you want this to happen.
As I said, being in the industry, I can be a recruiter, ambassador, whatever, for Blizzard, they just have to ask....
What he said ^^^^^^^
Ahhhh, no it's not, and you should not assume so. I actually know some Telstra employees, one of which did some homework for me back in 2011, and they did have talks about it, but yes, Telstra wanted "more than Blizzard was willing to pay". so no agreement was entered into.
And yes, Blizzard would benefit, over time, but it would take "time" for Australia and our neighbours e.g. New Zealand, PNG, Indonesia, etc, to know that they have a decent latency game to play. And what better game than World of Warcraft!!!
It's been 8 years. Good luck.

Also, I'm not sure why this Telstra rumour keeps surfacing, but despite what your "fren" said in 2011, it's false.

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