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Why would they give us Oceanic servers if we're just going to keep paying our $$ every month playing on american ones?

Basically this. I don't believe there's much financial incentive for Blizzard to do it =(
05/21/2013 06:10 AMPosted by Qiuyun
Why would they give us Oceanic servers if we're just going to keep paying our $$ every month playing on american ones?

Basically this. I don't believe there's much financial incentive for Blizzard to do it =(

Given the length of time WoW has been out and how little progress the idea of Aussie servers has made I would agree this isn't going to happen.

That being said, can always play on the "You receive this much already, but you could receive even more if you did this" bugle and hope they eventually notice. I'd like to see this happen, but if not, I'm not all that phased, new games are coming out (some a lot more promising than others I agree) but WoW is really starting to show its age (imo anyway)

I think that's another factor they are afraid of.
I thought this was overdue for a good old fashioned bump :p
I agree with this absolutely the best of the best is usual around 250ms, its never solid at that and can go much higher and this with wireless 4G Telstra internet. Sometimes the latency is not an issue and sometimes its very obvious. If we are talking more than half a second than its obvious.

It would be nice to be recognised for this reason yet I doubt that will happen. To most people in the US we are riding Kangaroos and using outhouses even in our big cities ;) At least the Kangaroo part is accurate...
I agree 100%

Blizzard dont understand how much of the population oceanic players take up in wow.
Oceanic servers only hold about 50% of the oceanic players in wow.
there is heaps of us on other US realms also.
and the latency would be absolutley game changing.
This is so very true.
It breaks my heart to have to quit this game, My warrior alone has 300+ days of /played, I've been on this game since release. But, even with all the tweaking, 250+ ms is my average lag.
If not for wow, build servers down here for Titan.
If a company earning their entire funding via donations (Path of Exile devs) can have dedicated Oceanic servers, why.. oh why.. can't Blizzard..? It's just rude, selfish and more than a little obnoxious.

Change it. Thanks.
Yea I totally would pay a bit more to play in our own local server. 0.2 seconds and 0.02 seconds are a big difference in PVP situation. When you meet tich ally or hordes in arena or bgs or rbgs,
cannot do much about them. They react faster move faster and cc faster. What more can you say. and world lag problem will go away too. I totally agree with this guy.
Agree with this completely. Not that it's relative, but Riot Games just recently gave Australia their very own Oceanic server in League of Legends (3 days ago). I do play League, and instantly went from 220 ping to a mere 50. Very exciting, I would absolutely love to see this in WoW as I play it more and it is my most preferred game.
Bump xD
Nobody seems to realize..

They understandably won't apply this change because;

When doing BGs, PvP, Dungeons - or ANYTHING instance related; you're teleported to another alternative realm (Being hosted in whatever battlegroup, such as L.A, Miami ETC.)

All PvP with JUST Australians is simply a lost cause. It simply cannot be even & provide low ping for each player.

Doing it for PvE scenarios only would cause a !@#$-stir.

With the next patch comes the removal of Battlegroups, it worries me to see the outcome of where Instance servers are going to be hosted.
East Side players all get put into West Side servers, or the opposite?
If West side, Australia might as well be kissed-goodbye.
You can rant on saying that they did it instantly.

But LoL is f2p, meaning it's forever growing in popularity - while WoW is at the end of it's line, almost.

And SWTOR's Oceanic scene is borderline dead. Plain and simple, really? (Even being f2p)
:( I want these servers so bad. Even if they wont benefit WoW, blizzard will always release more games and if the next MMO (Titan?) is going to be big then blizzard WILL need to eventuall y implement Oceanic servers. They could do this early to benefit us Aussies/NZers, it advance for the next MMO which will also uses these servers.

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