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STRONG statement indeed. BUMP!

Blizzard, atleast host a server in asia!!
If anything, its a big chance they'll be putting new servers in singapore rather than australia, just like they did on SC2.
WAR has/had OCE servers so i cant see why blizz cant. oh wait *sniff sniff* is that money swine i smell?
Agree about the 4.2 lag although disagree about server being the only option..

If they could just improve the quality and consistency of lower ping, that would help imensely, i know i've gotten as low as 170-180 at times but since i resubbed almost a week back, i've noticed it's gone from about 200-220 on average (Basically 1/2 the time it's in the 'green' and other 1/2 in 'yellow' to sum it up) to 250 on average with occasional lag spikes every day...
So what is the word on the NBN? will that help things for us? Is anyone playing WoW on the NBN?
I can't see why Blizz would'nt put servers in AUS.
I mean look at the upcoming Internet infrastructure who could ask for better than that?
Come on Blizz.
blizzard does not care for us aussies =(
So what is the word on the NBN? will that help things for us? Is anyone playing WoW on the NBN?

The NBN is a billion dollar Dullard boondoggle that is already outdated and obsolete technology. No one is playing WOW on the NBN because the NBN doesn't exist and will never work.

7 customers in Armidale.
I totally agree with u mate

What I get without any latency reduce software? --- 400ms!!!!!!

I have to pay more than 5 bucks every month to make it 200ms!!!!!

What I get now?

kick a spell in arena while some1 is casting---fail!!! caz when u press the button, they've already casted !!!!!!!!

vanish + shadowstep + the spell u want to use in stealth --fail!!! caz what I got actually is the spell I pulled to the action bar without stealth!!!

I'll even pay more than 10 bucks a month to get latency under 100ms!!!!

If Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 can have NZ servers, so can WoW imo.

already outdated and obsolete technology. No one is playing WOW on the NBN because the NBN doesn't exist and will never work.

7 customers in Armidale.

NBN doesn't exist, but has 7 in Armidale? Make up your mind.

I'd like to know what makes it obsolete?

There will never be WoW servers located within Australia. People need to realise this, and just play with what you have.

Internode has tried for years to get them hosted in Aus, even offering to do it for free. Its Blizzard that has constantly ignored the requests.
Go to the top of the class mate. Everyone in the Pacific region agrees with you. The only rider I make to your suggestions is adding more money to subscription fees - why should Americans and Europeans pay less? Blizzard have slowly strangled the opportunity to contact Game developers as you noted by decreasing forums, a response business usually makes when it believes it holds the upper hand in negotiations. I note also that Blizzard is getting more punitive about questions it deems to "hard" or "difficult" to deal with and my word to them who apparently read these forums out for class actions...they may yet surprise you Blizzard...:). Back to a server for Aussies/kiwis/pacific region, some of the issue rests with Telstra here in australia. It seems that originally they turned down the opportunity to have a server for the game here in the Pacific. While Blizzard has some sympathy from me for that decision, it should NOT stop them from negotiating a new deal with Telstra. When you add the figures...45$ for three months from some 16,000,000 players, that is a huge amount of bling. Nothing for Blizzard to get off their proverbial backsides (if I said !@#$ I might get punitive action against me so I am not saying %^-*) and do something about it for the same subscription fees every other gamer outside of the Pacific Region is subject to and GIVE US A SERVER...:)
hope guild wars 2 will host aussie servers =3
absolutely beautifully put my friend and yes we would pay the extra its safe to say maybe the yanks a scared of our talents as we still do very well in the game concidering our ping our healers are having to think 0.5-1.0 secs ahead of the game to keep our partys up imagine what we could do with real time playing abillitys. bring it on its not like blizz cant afford to spend the money upfront to reap the takings that are allready being spent on other programes that are of less capable of lowering ping.
its no secret that asian prissons and a large amount of buisnes is done in the stealing and farming varieties this is prolly why they have the servers. here in australia we just wanna play the game for fun
East Coast of Australia=> Big pond Low Latency Line Config=> Stable Proxy Server(tunneling)=> 160 ms -No Higher -No Lower -No Swings -No dings(dropouts)

Not much you can do about distance if you can't move, Service provider is a big one, some work for people some don't, as said above "Low Latency Line Configuration" is a big YES, and lastly Proxy server e.g. Wowtunnels Lowping ... err .. yeah that sort of thing ..
*scratches head*

Again my apologies if your in that situation where you simply for one reason or another just cannot get anything above 250ms
bump - agreed, although nothing is going to happen or change, we are insignificant.
This would be awesome to have but I doubt It'll ever happen.
09/28/2011 03:19 AMPosted by Tagati
So what is the word on the NBN? will that help things for us? Is anyone playing WoW on the NBN?

Coming in late on this one, but the NBN may improve your bandwidth, but probably not your latency. Essentially you'll have a fatter pipe to pull data down, so at the moment if you're playing WoW which uses say 1Mb/sec and someone else is streaming a video at 4Mb/sec on a 4Mb broadband connection, you're trying to cram 5Mb/sec into a 4Mb/sec pipe and it simply won't fit, so you get dropped packets which results in choppy play.

So in that respect NBN should be beneficial.

However, the issue of latency is the time it takes for the data to get from A to B, in our case Australia, across the Pacific to the US and back again. That will still be a problem, you might get slightly faster links between you and your ISP, but that is the short part of the journey - probably only a couple of kms. The main connections won't change, so its still going to take more or less the same length of time, you may notice a decrease of 1-2ms, but I wouldn't expect more than that.

And I haven't played WoW over the NBN, but I have played WoW on a super-high speed research network as a test - the latency issue was better, but certainly not what I'd call brilliant.

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