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Chris Farley
Matt Damon. NO actor can beat this man.
Looks wise? Jake Gyllenhaal
All time etc favorite in acting...Vincent Price
Jude Law
Hugo Weaving
Hugh Jackman
Tom Hanks
Brad Pitt & Christian Bane are completely committed to their art/roles, and generally very good.

Wahlberg is extremely good in recent films. I thought of him as a failed Damon when he was only doing action films, but now that he's playing in more dramas he's really showing his acting skills.
Mel Brooks
Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. Boom.
And Brad Pitt...
And Elijah Wood.
Chow Yun Fat

Morgan Freeman or Harrison Ford or Will Smith I'll watch any thing with either ... Liam Neason is getting close to that...Actress ill give that to Betty freaking White cause shes always funny.
Stuart townsend
Kate Winslet

and Viggo Mortensen based on looks (he's a good actor too), though age is catching up now
Johnny Depp
Russle Crow
Jeff Bridges
Al Pacino
Robert Deniro
Jason Statham
Paul Newman

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