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Christian Bale
08/23/2011 04:11 PMPosted by Kushhoof
Miranda Cosgrove.

You're a funny one.
The Dude
Richard Dean Anderson (Macgyver)
Johnny Depp
Daniel Day-Lewis
Adam Sandler.
Jake Gyllenhaal
Avery Brooks Go Rutgers!
Tom Jones, the ultimate straight man
Jeff Bridges and Ahnold.
Dakota Fanning
Actor: Liam Neeson

Actress: Saoirse Ronan
Bruce willis
Harrison Ford
Liam Neeson
David Tennant, Matt Smith, Amy Poehler, or Steve Carell.
They're all so good.
Either Jeff Bridges or Matt Damon. That's why I loved True Grit so much.
Liam Neeson
Jeff Bridges
Robert Downey Jr.
Cillian Murphy
Leonardo DiCaprio
Denzel Washington
Mel Gibson
Angelina Jolie
Ellen Page
Hugh Jackman

With how many actors there are out there I'm surprised my list of favorites is so small.
Robert De Niro
Tom Hanks
Gary Oldman
Liam Neeson
Leonardo DiCaprio
Brad Pitt
Cillian Murphy
Kevin Spacey
Guy Pearce
Henry Fonda
Clint Eastwood
Al Pacino
John Cazale
Christopher Walken
Dennis Hopper
James Woods
Julianne Moore
William H. Macy
Natalie Portman
Tom Cruise
Val Kilmer
Christian Bale

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