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Maggie Smith

I picked her cause I have not seen a movie with her in it that i did not enjoy. (something i can't say about some more well known actors)

I even like her in Master Piece Theater's Downton Abbey.
11/18/2011 07:50 PMPosted by Darkchickens
Charlie sheen or leonardo dicaprio

Dang, forgot about Charlie Sheen...

I want to add him to my list. He is brilliantly crazy.
John Noble.
Christopher Walken/Betty F***ing White
No love yet in the thread for Alan Rickman? Son, I am disappoint.
Adam Sandler :D Great Comedian + Actor. In my opinion that is.
Dustin Hoffman
Gary Oldman
Steve Buscemi
David Strathairn
William H Macy
Ron Pearlman
Ralph Fiennes
Phillip Seymour Hoffman

I could go on but I figure any list that starts and ends with a Hoffman is good enough to post.

edit: but I gotta add Ben Kingsley, symmetry be damned.
Morgan Freeman. Katie holmes (pre-brainwashing), forest Whitaker. Mark Whalberg.
Fear the Walken.

Really, Jack Nicholson.
Mickey Rourke
Patrick Stewart
Kathy Bates
Tim Curry
Mark Wahlburg
Cillian Murphy
Al Pacino
Clint Eastwood
Gary Sinise
Al Pacino or Robert De Niro. Lost count how many times I've seen Heat.
Martin Sheen
Bill Murray
Mark Harmon
Alan Rickman
Jason Isaacs
Clancy Brown
Ron Pearlman
Robert Duvall
Patrick Stewart
Dina Meyer
Rosamund Pike
Mary McDonnell
Sigourney Weaver
11/19/2011 04:11 AMPosted by Bahnzo
edward norton

Him, it's scares me how charismatic he was in American History X as a Neo-!@#$.

Also James Woods and Dennis Hopper, weird/sad I got into these two because of Grand Theft Auto.

This thread reminds me I need to watch Onion Field and Primal Fear for the first time.
11/20/2011 11:23 AMPosted by Drakbrez
Al Pacino or Robert De Niro. Lost count how many times I've seen Heat.

Ha, me too. That's a great movie.
Dan Green and johnny depp

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