Patch 4.3 Previews & PTR Patch Notes - 10/18

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Death to Deathwing: Alongside all this comes a whole lot of new content. The developers revealed that patch 4.3 will feature three new 5-player dungeons, setting the stage for the ultimate fight in Cataclysm: the final showdown against Deathwing himself. Patch 4.3 will include a whole new tier of raid content culminating in an epic boss encounter unlike anything you’ve yet experienced in World of Warcraft.

It could be I'm reading this wrong but is it possible we'll have 3 dungeons and an old god raid instance? "Killing" this old god could weaken his dominion over Deathwing and make him more killable in the final showdown thus "setting the stage for the ultimate fight in Cataclysm." Could just be wishful thinking skewing the way I'm reading this but it feels to me like 3 dungeons + old god raid -> Deathwing raid in 4.4 (or tier 14).
Well, it says "setting the stage" for deathwing actually, doesn't directly say Deathwing will be the raid, so I'll hope for that :D
The raid finder is the thing I'm most looking forward to, and the Transmo tool is going to rock. I hope that by PUG-friendly raids they mean up until t11...I seriously hope they're not thinking about allowing random cross-realm pugs for current tier content. Even I, as a huge champion of the idea for a long time in the face of much opposition, don't even think that it would be viable for current tier stuff. Last tier and down, I say.
can someone plz answer my question!!!!!!! My question is some days when i go onto the ptr it takes ten seconds to load... But somedays it takes like 1 hour for GB to move to the other. When the ptr load is fast it shows the cata dragon and the patch notes on the right side.. When the ptr load is slow it shows a goblin... Can someone plz tell me cuz i really enjoy playing the ptr... Is it my connection or are they fixing the public test realms... yes i am aware that the test realm closed an hour ago.. Plz answer my question somebody
It's prob your connection bro i have that prob also otr is WAY fun
I got a question.

I have 7/8 Wrath,might and valor back in classic wow when the game was still new.

I have sold all that gear sense then because we had no use for it and it took up bank slots.

Is there any way to get the gear back if we dont have it? I know you cannot get the Tier 2 helmets any more to complete the set or even the classic tier 3 sets
Ugh ptr** CMON BLIZZ plz make the ptr come out soon :) school is alrdy here
Seven that is the best question i've heard all day lol you should make ur own forum about it.
I think its gonna be a little early to realse this. i was hoping it would be like in WOTLK where the lich king toys around with you then you finally kill him
WTB gm post about PTR ;)
@kilgharah the ptr is already open i hope u know that
Transmogrification and void bank FTW. Thank you Blizz. I can finally use some of my RP gear more and I will finally have someplace to put most of my erm like. . . 100+ weapons from my weapon collection >_>; =D thanks!
xjan what do u mean..... THEY HAD A SHUTDOWN AN HOUR AND 49 MIN AGO
oh i thought u meant like when will they let us play the ptr... I am aware it is shutdown right now... But man i really want to play the ptr right now... Anyone know when it will be back on. Wasnt it shutdown for awhile yesterday? I AGREE WITH U KILGHARRAH OPEN THE PTR!!! SCHOOL IS COMING...
hes trolling obv
lol im trolling???

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