Patch 4.3 Previews & PTR Patch Notes - 10/18

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4.3! 4.3! I WANT MY T2 BACK!
Elemynt, take my shoulders and GO! leave like all da others!
08/17/2011 04:29 PMPosted by Celanx
That said, Death to Deathwing bothers me. I was hoping we'd have more time. If you are permitted to answer this, is there going to be another tier after Deathwing? Or, to phrase it more simply, is there going to be an addition along the lines of Sunwell Plateau(big raid, fun), Ruby sanctum(filler raid, no fun), or none at all? Just wondering, since I kinda feel that it is too early. But then again, if it is like SP I may be speaking prematurely.

I highly disagree with deathwing being in the next raid... it's only been 5 raids, 2 of them don't even involve deathwing. :(
Xjan what realm do u play on the ptr? i stay on Anasterian.
this makeing me sad
I hope blizzard listens to me on this... and i hope i get alot of support for this.. Lets face it world of warcraft is still an amazing game. But the days of its highest peak are over. It still is the king of mmorp's as of right now and has been for the last 8 years. I know i havent been playing wow for a long time but i have been playing mmorp's for awhile such as runescape for 4 years. I played guild wars 1 but did not like it so much. And i have been playing xbox live since the first week it came out. Matter of the fact is world of warcraft is one of the funnest games i have played. keep it that way... I once heard that "watever goes up must come down" or all kings must fall one day. And blizzard knows that that day will come.. But hell go down with a bang. Let people remember their first mmorp or the good days of world of warcraft. Let people think that world of warcraft started this long line of history of king of mmorp's. I know blizzard knows they will fall one day. Their is someone always better than u but u gotta be better than the person next to u. Matter of the fact is blizzard needs to get their !@# in gear and step it up as the king of mmorp's. I love the community and this game and for ppl like swifty it has been a part of their lives and keep it that way blizzard. Hope BLIZZARD WILL ACTUALLY READ THIS because i am speaking not just for me but for this community.. Plz post below of what u think blizzard should do to stay the king of mmorp's and post below if u support me or not. Thank you and long live world of warcraft.
08/17/2011 06:12 PMPosted by Kilgharrah
Xjan what realm do u play on the ptr? i stay on Anasterian.

I play on boxigar
ok for real when is the prt gona be back up
meant ptr
is the ptr back up yet??
no =[
its up now finnaly
Will the transmogrifier require you to have the gear you want to change it to? Like will I need to have the full tier 8 set to chance my tier 12 to it? If so, what about the people who had that awesome gear but deleted it for bank space? Will I have to go back and farm it again?

Oh and one more thing, if I have (for example) two pieces of 25 man tier 8 and three pieces of 10 man tier 8, will I be able to make my tier 12 gear look like a full set of 10 or 25 tier 8? Or will it have to be mix matched until I get a full set of one or the other?
I think Battle Grounds need to be changed up. Today how they work is you que and get a random group. I think it should be you que as a role like you do in dungeons so that way each team has an even chance at winning. You should be able to que as Tank/FC, Dps or heals. Would be a lot more organized.
Sweet, time to farm some Justice points, because I want my old Lightsworn Battlegear back. Also Heroic Icecrown Citadel isn't just about the achievements or the "Bane of the Fallen King" title anymore, because I want the sanctification tokens and Arthas, give me that Heroic Warmace of Menethil.

Warning: If you are a level 60, 70, or 80 twink that allows higher levels into their raids beware, I will still give twinks priority on gear in lower level raids but don't expect everyone to be this kind. For some others expect to have to roll against 85s for gear now.
So will this be the last raid in Cataclysm becasue theres been 4 raids total and its been out for 8 months. also WoTLK was out for 3 years you honestly cant say you are making 5 raids so quickly its ridiculous
dang the ptr isnt up i thought it was up lol
Is this then suggesting that 4.3 is the final major patch of Cataclysm?

What happened to the idea of multiple small and fast patches? Was that just a justification for why 4.1 was so sparse a patch? Is this really going to be a 4 raid expansion?

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