Patch 4.3 Previews & PTR Patch Notes - 10/18

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I'd like to quote someone from the top of page 55 but I'm too lazy. We don't know when it's going to hit. Everyone has their own speculations but an official release date hasn't been given. Some people think it's today other think it won't be until the Star Wars game.
Its a cool patch, and I can't wait. I am skeptical of the Holy Radiance cast time, cause that and divine protection were my "dip set" abilities. No patch today just regular maintenance. :(
Yeah I made the same face when I read that. :(
when does this come out again?
hi @ blizzard how about fixing the raid finder to do faster ques you got millions of players and when i Que it would take all day to find a group whether it be a fail group or not
i see you guys done the raid and dungeons and tiers and every thing else but can you make the raid finder alot faster
There's been talk about it coming out at the end of this month and them some say it's not until December when the new Star Wars game comes out. So it's still up in the air.
alot of that has to do with realm and i think the area you live in. on my old server i used to have to wait 30 min + for queues. i switched servers (looking for better opportunities) and now its like 10-15 minutes.
Yes. It has to do with realms. I'm not exactly sure how the pair people up but I know on Twisting Nether a DPS queue time is about 22 minutes and realistically it's about 30. But on Moonguard the DPS queue time is about 10 minutes and well it's about ten minutes. I'm not sure why it's this way. I'd like to know how they do the pairing.
so get 25$ and server transfer

im pretty sure pve is interaction with the lore, more so than pvp. both play ample roles though. and i doubt that there will be any new bgs.
It definitely seems like they are rushing cata so they can charge another $40 and add some pandas
Nice to see all these cool features coming to wow, only thing I wish wow would do is make it so along with saving gear and stuff you can also save gold in your own bank so you can save up for things you want. Would probably help with stopping ppl from creating guilds just for the gold storage and may cut down on the number of gold farmers wow has to deal with.
How come its soooo hard to get
The T13 Druid design is fantastic! It reminds me of the first tier gear in Naxx, really great stuff! The Paladin gear however, especially that helm is laaaaaaaaame. Wings on the head? Rawr.
I don't think the darkmoon fairies should sell old dungeon gear as soon as the patch goes in. Those of us who held onto our dungeon sets for such a long time should be rewarded with being the first to wear them once transmogrification is possible.

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