Patch 4.3 Previews & PTR Patch Notes - 10/18

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11/13/2011 08:20 AMPosted by Estherion
Cataclysm was such a dismal failure for Blizzard that they really want to push the next expac.

Hyperbole ahoy! Cataclysm was certainly a disappointment for many, but a "dismal failure"? Please.
Lvl 60 pvp gear for transmogrification. Come on, fix this. Everyone wants to use it.
First you weaken him, then you kill him.
So, i'm guessing the PTR is down because the patch is coming soon? :(
Dose any 1 kno when this patch is coming out.?
I thought this patch was saposed to be released today November 15, 2011??
wont be released until at the very least the 29th,which is the end of arena guess is the week after that,if it follows the norm
when does this come out i sick of waiting lol
08/17/2011 04:29 PMPosted by Fallium
Sooooo with the death to deathwing, is this actually the final raid patch? wtf? or are we just weakening him or something...
this is the last patch until the next expansion... of course were killing him
i hope they add new things to Alchemy, cuz theres not much different since cata came out
Absolutely we'll have 4.3 on the Public Test Realms. We're just now getting some 4.3 information out though, so we're not quite ready to release any of this content for testing right now. ;)


Its all good imo...but damn people hurry up! with the patch already i hate waiting!!!!!!!! lol
YAE! New dungeons!
WTH how come the servers are down? I was downloading the ptr and when it got to available i clicked play but the servers came up as offline
You're killing him. There'll probably be another patch after just to introduce the next xpac's features like usual.
:( don't nerf feral aoe.
Btw, rogues have had 2 legendaries as of next patch. All caster dps and healers have had 1. Warriors have had 2. Other plate dps have had 1. Hunters have had 1. Feral druids and enhance shamans have had none. thanks.
so does any one know when they are actualy going to release this patch i have been waiting for two months. about ready to quit wow if because of how board i am right now
Ferals have had a legendary,
Soo let's review again.
Casters - 2, Atiesh + Dragonswrath
Healers - 2 Atiesh + Ulduar hammer, forgot name
Warriors - 5 (6 If you count both Glaives) Thunderfury, Sulfuras, Glaives, Shadowmourne, Neck
Rogues - 2 (3 W/ Glaves) 4 in 4.3 Thunderfury, Glaives
DKs - 2 (3 If glaives count as 2) Glaives, Shadowmourne
Paladins - 4 Thunderfury, Shadowmourne, Sulfuras, Hammer
Ferals - 1 Sulfuras
Enh Shamans - 1 Sulfuras
Hunters - 1 Thori'dal

Ifyou didn't play when you could get an "up-to-date" feral legendary, tough luck.

Please, blizzzzz

Remake or fix the FROST PRESENCE is useless now, i want my presence back, all frost dks use only the unholy presence because is far better

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