Patch 4.3 Previews & PTR Patch Notes - 10/18

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when is the patch comin out anyway?
i would really like to see when the new patch is coming out.. i to have a mount waiting for me when it comes out and would love to do the new raid as would the rest of my small itty bitty guild

cant WAIT for transmography. Just got my full ICC 10man set iv been always wanted. Was gona use it but cata game out and was useless! So happy!
This should be the final raid patch. It'll give us enough time to bring down Deathwing before the new expansion hits next year.
I've been playing this game for 5 yeas now I'm up for something new monk sounds pretty cool don't know about the panda race but only time will tell.
Looking forward to the Transmorf thingy, hoping though it is not limited to tier items. Would vastly prefer to change my gear to look like normal items, nothing fancy. Imitate grey or white items.
Void Storage? Seems dumb. The insane size of bags and such now, plus guild tabs, who needs more storage.
Raid Finder, meh. I have not bothered with raids since BC and a bit of Northend and to tell the truth do not miss them at all. But if they scale back all the dancing around on bosses and time committments others may be more interested or able to get into raids.
As for one persons comments of gear from vendors should be drastically different than raids, I disagree. My time at present is more limited and I enjoy being able to work up to a set of gear rather than be forced to be online at a certain time unable to leave me seat for hours and told to die on boss after boss. They should make quest chains that only give clues or puzzles that can help lead you to gear as well, treasure maps, etc. Would make the game more interesting.
Been playing since before BC was a dream, have many 85s on a few servers. Done the hardcore raiding and like I said, do not miss it. Would like to see it toned down and other game elements developed.
If I am 80% of the way to level 75 when this patch hits, how does that affect my experience? Will I be 75 with no xp, or will my extra carry over?
The new talent calculator. I like how everything was simplified again but what's up with the shaman talents? The second/3rd/and 4th tier are abusolutely pointless. If you pvp sure, that's all I could see them good for cause if I'm rolling DPS which are what 2 of the specs are for shamans...talent tier 2-4 are worthless unless your raid groups are so fail that the DPS has to do all the healing and dmg mitigation for the raid.

Can we have something that will benefit shamans? Change that crap ghostwolf to the instant ghost wolf? We were alread immune to slowing effects, why take it away then turn it into a talent. How about throwing totemic reach on that thing? I use it for my resto raid healing spec to increase my totems and radius of spiritlink.

I'm really confused....about one particular thing. Deathwing fears Medivh because Medivh is like as strong as Sargeras --- who is a bajillion times more powerful than Deathwing. Medivh is still alive but hiding because he doesn't want to interfer with the world because he has faith in its heroes to stop anything that threatens it like they did with Archimonde and the World Tree at the end of Warcraft 3.

I'm confused on the part where if the heroes fail....that Azeroth would fall into destruction and rule of Deathwing. Surely, Medivh would not let that happen if it meant interfering with mortal affairs. ....BRING MEDIVH back into the story! He's the best character in WoW! (imo) lol ... him and Thrall and Jaina.
They ever gonna fix the page explaining the changes in Valor Points?? Been waiting to read about it for a while now...

I hope like HELL there will be no Tokens .. that is by far the worst part about the entire game.. I get so upset just thinking about it..

to be honest.. I'd rather save up 10,000 Valor for a shoulder piece then deal with that.. they offer countless ways to get ALL gear EXCEPT Helm and Shoulders.. WWHHHYYYY???
i know right
really still no dk art design??? come on now you can put them up if the ptr is already using them!!!!
do i really have to pay 30$ just to play wow to update my outdated drivers, or is there a website i can download new ones for free?
Just waiting for patch 4.3
Does anyone know when 4.3 is coming out, will it be this coming tuesday, like everyone keeps barking on trade chat or are they being but holes about it.
11/26/2011 11:24 PMPosted by Necrolite
really still no dk art design??? come on now you can put them up if the ptr is already using them!!!!

they had it out at one point...... maybe they took it off because they are redoing it.. which i do not mind one bit... was kindof ugly if you ask me..
That's was up!!!

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