Patch 4.3 Previews & PTR Patch Notes - 10/18

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So the idiocy of a raid finder is astounding. This will take away most peoples desires to form a actual raid. The cordination and forming of raids is very important so that we aren't going melee heavy, or to many range, or two tanks of the same class. Raids require some direct mechanics just like dungeons, but raids are much more complex. I have been using the dungeon finder ever since it came out and I coulden't even begin to count the endless amount of idiots i have encountered. To imagine those type of people in a raid is even worse. Now my question is will we still run out of the ability to kick in a raid like we do in dungeons? because we'll have 10 people in a raid as opposed to 5 in a dungeon. I don't know. Just the thought of people comming into raid pugs and screwing it up kills me on the inside because i think of this thing that will kill raiding for world of warcraft. and for the Transmogrification...This will greatly effect pvp. I least when I'm playing you go for the guy whom is less geared. This will throw off pvp and cause things to be very difficult in judging targets. expecially because players may or may not (im not sure how far this changing of gear will go) but they can change themselves almost to look like other classes which would wreck the pvp experience. I do like your idea's for deathwing AND the void storage though because i can see possible patches in the future past deathwing. as for most of the people who think he is the core of the evil, I'm not convinced :) anywho idk, all my opinions!
I cant wait for the new dungeons the patch is giving us and is deathwing REALLY gonna die cause this is getting on my nerves if he will or not
Awesome. I can't wait to get my legendary staff after 4.3 since the thanksgiving break messed up my normal raid. I'm so excited to use our guilds first legendary staff that's going to be watered down!

$#@! 10 m raiding.
Can anyone smell patch 4.3 this coming Tuesday!?!?
11/27/2011 07:33 PMPosted by Ehakawee
As Neltharion is the "Herald of the Old Gods" could there be a subsequent patch in which we would have to defeat the true powers behind Deathwing?

No that's a subject for another expansion.
what about the members that do not care for raid group or dungeons but still love the game don't forget about us think you will find as many of us as well .
well i for one will be scared of that dungeon finder and meeting up with alot of fail people like i did back in WotLK. I am also excited for the 4.3 release,cant wait to kill Deathwing!!!
alot of it sounds cool BUT LEAVE THE TALENT SYSTEM ALONE i like my disc priest how she is shes my fav toon and so far shed be cha nged by the tp so much id hate her dont ruin the tp system LEAVE IT BE i like it the way it is and i know im not alone!
rock on 4.3
They won't do that Zeppler because blizzard is all about the casual player now. It is sad really they keep dumbing down the game and making things easier so that the casual player willplay but they are losing a lot of there hardcore base. I'm glad TOR offers a viable change because between simplified talent trees, pandas, and pokemon world of warcraft is becoming a game for little kids instead of the older based audience it has normally appealed too. I estimate a 7.5 mil dollar a month loss to TOR (about 5 mil players) and for those that say oh we have heard that before about warhammer and rift, yea you may have but warhammer and Rift did not have a fan base going back more than 20 yrs Star Wars does. Played the PTR and the graphics and voices make the game astounding Bioware really outdone themselves.
i believe its the final patch...not sure though..the next expansion isnt far behind so
Looks like the patch is dropping today as theres maintenance on
yea i agree theres alot of old raids i ant got to do yet and would like to finish so hopefully theyll let us do the old raids too
Nice priest gear
where is your final notes for patch 4.3 ? is that final ? no change for rogues ? lol
I do not like this new raid finder idea,people that raid work hard to get there toon to where they are now anyone can just get into a raid.....yea i dont like it at all.
i love this new patch

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