Patch 4.3 Previews & PTR Patch Notes - 10/18

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Really, keep this up by updateing wow, and your going to loose people! Enough is enough make this the last or come out with just a regular wow like the old days when it began. Some of us can catch up hehe. Some peps r tired of being off line waiting for maint. and updates.
can anyone not download this yet? its not letting me download and when i sign in its says i need to pick a realm and then nothing happens.
yeah same here u just will need to wait a ili bit mate
tic....tic....tic....tic....tic. COME ON ALREADY!!!!!!!!
Wish there would be something new PvP wise. Not a hardcore raider anymore, but I do enjoy mah pvp ;D
Either something surprising is going to happen (Such as deathwing lives OR another World-ending boss shows up) OR Blizzard is planning something big in the future. I doubt this will be the last patch till the next expansion
Glad to hear and see this game still continuing on. One thing I do wish Blizzard would bring back is the world PvP that got so many people involved in this game(i.e. Halaa, STV arena). The raid content is/was good until it gets old. Then we're left with what we started, the PvP. Could you guys please make PvP more of a concentrated effort when patching. Thanks for the fun!

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