Patch 4.3 Previews & PTR Patch Notes - 10/18

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is ptr back up yet?
Zeeloaf my ptrs toon name on anasterian is VariÅn (Alt 655) or Exx.
is it up yet the ptr
I wonder when they are bringing them out to ptr.
KILGHAR my name is zurged zaxes nd xzar ya IDK U
there is ptr just not now its going back up when they bring out new dungeons.
08/17/2011 04:56 PMPosted by Actrise
Transmogrification so they took a feature thats in a *CoughRiftCough* rival MMO and put it in this game. Who would of thought that. I hope it doent work in Arena and Rated Battleground cause it does help to see what the person your fighting is wearing.

Man you can't say that blizz is copying Rift, have you even played Rift? How bad that game has copied all the huge MMOs out right now including WoW, they took so much, you know that just release pretty much the Rift version of the Dungeon Finder on Rift, they copied too much.
so there will not be another ptr for a while
ptr will be back up within like 1 hour
this sucks bring the ptr back up
ok so it isnt over yet there is still one there
the ptr was up for like 10 seconds lol their must be a big problem their trying to fix.. Someone prbaly crashed the server. Na i dont think someone crashed the server.. But somethings wrong
im tired waiting im going to play cataclysm someone call me when the ptr is up... My number is 911 lol
come on blizz
Wow way to end the expansion so early, there were multiple patches now you did 1 major patch then the last one, at least u should have done it more like WOWLK were it was naxx not 3 diff raids at the start then a lot of patches to do progression
ok well i hope the ptr is back up in an hour
i have school tom and im not tired
What a shame that Blizz changed the old "crop top" quest reward leather vests with Cataclysm. I had saved those for years and, yes, that would have been a top pick for "transmogrification", for me anyway.

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