[A] Gaia is Recruiting [1/7 HM] 25m

[A] Gaia (25m) is looking to recruit a few more members to help us progress in Firelands. We are currently the last 25m guild left on Alliance.

Website: www.GaiaGuild.com

Gaia is a casual raiding guild, which focuses on progression in current 25m content. Currently we have cleared Firelands on both 10m and 25m as well as Heroic Shannox in 25m.

We encourage exceptionally skilled players of any class to apply, however, we are in need of:
Restoration Shaman
Enhancement Shaman
Shadow Priest
Death Knight Dps
(Full on Tanks of all classes)
Now recruiting healers of all classes!

Our raid times are:
Tuesday: 8-11pm server
Thursday: 8-11pm server
Sunday: 8-11pm server

While we do expect everyone to focus and be dedicated during raid times, we do like to have fun. Because let's be honest; That's what playing this game is about. We also expect you to know your class and spec very well as well as general knowledge of the various raid encounters we plan to do each raid night. (i.e. Watch videos ahead of time) We also expect raiders to have a basic understanding of other classes, so when they are put on Loot Council for the week, they know what classes will benefit more from a certain piece of gear.

If you have any questions please check our website or contact myself via in-game mail.
GM: Eveyle
Officers: Nergal, Skwirl, Inviertas

Thanks for your interest.
Who put this guy in charge of recruiting? Big mistake... <3
I took it upon myself to make this post.

p.s. Heroic Goblet of Anger would like to say Hi.
I'd like to bump for my dear friends in Gaia <3
I'd like to slowly lick Phasmatus' big toe.
I'd like to slowly cover you in Bacon.
Bacon.... that is all.
Val... you know I'm a vegetarian. No bacon please :(
Ok, how about Vegetarian Bacon?
EDIT: Updated needs
My shoulders and shield are the BEST gaiz.

Also, BUMP!
I'm not really all that into bacon.
Well neither am I.
I'm into you though bb.
I wanna be in love with you.

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