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This seems to be the central thread about questions for Transmogrification and Void Storage, so here goes:

Will we need to have the item that we want to have the appearance of, or will it be listed in some sort of transmogrification database? For example, lets say I have some Vicious Gladiators Season 10 Gear that I want to Transmogrify to make it appear as paladin Tier 2. Do i need to have the tier 2 set as well?

I would appreciate an answer from either a player or a blue. Preferably a blue, but a player is fine if they are confident in what they are talking about.

Thanks alot, everyone. I really appreciate it.

Yes, as I unfortunately just learned you will have to own the gear you want to change the appearance to. It pretty much killed all the excitement I had for Transmogrifying.

Nope. You don't need to place an item into Void Storage in order to use it for Transmogrification. The two systems are completely separate.

We're implementing Void Storage and Transmogrification at the same time because we know that, with Transmogrification, players are likely going to want and/or need more storage space, specifically for the long-term. And that’s the niche Void Storage fills. Just because one system (Void Storage) was designed to complement another (Transmogrification), that doesn't mean the two rely on each other functionally. :)

Sorry for the confusion, though! We’re looking to share more of the rules and restrictions surrounding Transmogrification as soon as possible.

Apologies if this has been answered previously.

'Void-Storage' is character specific (ie, only items that belong to a particular character), is 'Transmogrification' likely to also fall under this same category?

I have a full set of Paladin Tier 2 (Judgement Armor) on my Rogue.
Will I have to re-obtain all these items (full set) on my Paladin before I can use it for them transmogrification?
you have paladin gear in your rogue's bank?
You're not forced to use it, some people will like it the way it is, like me. My main is a Warlock who recently made Sulfuras for guild, going to put it in there and forget about it. :)
My only request would have to be to make old tier available to transmogrify to somehow without having it, I'm sure I'm not the only one who hasnt saved every single tier piece ive gained
@Blizzard, let us just buy designs for tabards instead of the tabard itself, would save a lot of space and you could just right click the space, have a drop down box for the design.
08/18/2011 07:19 PMPosted by Lvlone
@Blizzard, let us just buy designs for tabards instead of the tabard itself, would save a lot of space and you could just right click the space, have a drop down box for the design.

I like this idea. You buy the tabard item for the vendor, right-click it to add it to your collection, and then it would show up on the drop down menu.
08/18/2011 07:19 PMPosted by Economy
My only request would have to be to make old tier available to transmogrify to somehow without having it, I'm sure I'm not the only one who hasnt saved every single tier piece ive gained

If you deleted it, you're going to have to go back and do the old content to get it again. It's all still there, except for the original skins for Tier 3 (but the models are still available with newer updated skins).

They're adding Void Storage so you can save your tier pieces.
With Void Storage, i'm hoping the prices are reduced a bit, as 1Kg to open it seems a bit much to me >_<
Transmogrification is going to be SO awesome though xD If I'm going to be raiding 24/7, I better be looking at something that's actually awesome to look at, not some tree stuff o_o.
Amazing idea Blizzard. Great work xD
When you transmogrify an item, will it destroy the item that you're taking the look of? For example, if I wanted my Tier 13 gloves to take the appearance of my old Tier 6 gloves, would my Tier 6 gloves be destroyed in the process?
First of all, this was its own thread, since I believed it is a seperate issue than what I thought was being discussed in this thread. I even stated this very, very clearly in the first line of the post (I removed it from below), but it was locked anyway. Well, here goes.

Long post inc:

My opinion is that Transmogrifying an item should NOT require the item you wish to Transmogrify it into. I will offer my opinions first, then try to answer some arguments people may have against it.

1. I've already vendored most of the gear I would want to use to Transmogrify, I don't think it is fair to make me go through the trouble of getting it again, because I couldn't know this update was coming out.

2. Outdated content is very difficult to get a group for. Sure, Classic is probably soloable, possibly some of BC, but what about Wrath? I highly doubt Wrath is soloable (not including epic blood DKs), and the only time I see a group forming for Wrath content is ICC. What if I wanted Naxx or Uld gear? There really isn't a way I could get a group for that, because quite simply, no one wants to do it.

3. If actually have the gear, wouldn't equipping it give the same effect? Sure, it wastes bag space, and you can't use it in dungeons or raids, but in a raid or dungeon, if you are staring at your armor and not the fire you are standing in, you are doing it wrong.

Now to some arguments you may have. (Feel free to read the arguments in a whiny, nerdy voice)

1. "I went through the trouble of getting this gear, if you want this gear you should go through the same trouble I did!"

First of all, it's possible I did go through that trouble but there are a number of reasons I might not have that gear.
-I probably vendored it, I don't usually hold onto old armor.
-I may have done it on a different character
So it is not really a question of whether I went through the trouble, it is whether I kept the armor, or which character I did it on.

Second, like I explained before, it may not be possible to get a group for it, No one is really interested in doing content that isn't the highest tier (BT/Sunwell for BC and ICC for Wrath). I have tried to get a group with some guildies and in trade, but no one is ever interested.

Lastly, If you really want to brag you have the item, people can inspect and see you have the actual item, or you can link it to them.

2."People shouldn't have access to all items without doing any work!"

First of all, I want to make clear that all the other rules remain. You still couldn't turn plate to look like cloth, or a 2h to look like a 1h. Also, I, and I'm sure anyone else who has the same interests as me, don't mind doing work. The problem is, as I said before that a lot of gear isn't available, since it isn't soloable and no one wants to group for it.

Some suggestions I had to make it (in my opinion) more fair:

An idea I had was to make Transmogrifying free unless you do not have the item you wish to Transmogrify it into.
Another suggestion I can think of is to make all current expansion gear unTransmogrifyable (which is totally a word), so that hardcore raiders will always have access to that special look.
I wouldn't say it's our current game plan. The prices for unlocking a Void Storage vault, depositing items, and withdrawing items are all still under discussion, so there's definitely a possibility that one or all of them may change before patch 4.3 is released.

Also, I know you mentioned that the costs are not final, but is the current game plan to be 1k activation and 100g for every item deposited or withdrawn? That seems to be what is indicated in the screenshots.

I realize this is still in consideration and there's a good chance you will change your mind anyway, but I still feel the need to say - 100g per item for an 80-150 storage bank... for a system that's intended to benefit the players who are collectors, I feel more like I'm being punished if I'd use it. I'm not hurting for money by any means, but paying 1,000g to start plus 15,000g to fill up every slot, plus extra when I move stuff in and out seems a tad harsh. Are we really trying to get gold out of the economy that badly?

I still appreciate the idea, but, yikes. On transmogrification alone, considering there's 14 visible items you can equip, the expense of swapping a set out and in would be 2,800g each time, plus the transmogrification removal and reapplication fees would probably put you over the 3k mark. Way to make talent respecs look like a must-go clearance sale, LOL!

I would say I don't intend to change my gear very often, but who knows? I might wear something new every time the Tuesday raid reset comes along... I mean, come on, wearing the same outfit to the same raid twice in a row - that'd be downright embarassing!

And yes, with the combination of PvP gear, tier sets, miscellaneous RP gear, tabards, holiday stuff, unique looking weapons, and the multitude of other things I've hoarded over the years, I have no doubt I will fill up the entire thing on the first day. :P

Again, much appreciated along with the transmogrification, but way too steep for me at the moment. ;)
if i can obtain the gear, can i use it in transformigation regardless of other limitations? like say i obtain the full T1 druid set on my hunter, can i transmorgify into that?
08/17/2011 08:29 PMPosted by Dakall
Can we get some old PVP sets back? I was trying to find season 2 gear (the pretty blue one!) and I couldnt find it :(

you can get it with T5 tokens from isle of quel'danis
Consider this, after obtaining an item you can add it to your list of transmogifications, and once added you can safely destroy or vendor the item and still have that item available for transmogification. Or perhaps once you obtain a full set of tier you can bundle it together instead of having 8 separate items.

This would get rid of the need for hoarding items/adding more bank slots.

80 additional slots is like enough for a few tiers of armor, not including the tons of weapons people will want to collect on top of that.

Doing this will give players a much wider variety of choices to use for their transmogifications.
Is it possible that staves and polearms can get the same treatment as cross/bows/guns? They're practically the same aside from weapon type and it would open up the choices for hunters and druids a bit more. :)

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