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08/17/2011 08:03 PMPosted by Normie
Also, your comparison to Google's services is just for you, one person. Blizzard has millions of accounts to make this for. 10 gigabytes times 11 million is 104 petabytes of storage. Yikes.

And that's less than what Google gives away in exchange for people ignoring a few ads on the right side of their mail client.

"Too much space"/"Slows down database" is not the reason. When you're talking about a few million items in inventory on a server, that's something a $500 PC could handle now.

Play balance is a perfectly fine reason though.
Google gives away petabytes? Do you know how much a petabyte is?

And anyway, there is a performance factor to consider here. The game already transmits a butt ton of information between the players and the realms. Now Blizzard is going to add another set of data. On top of data for inbox, data for your bank, data for your guild bank, and data for your bags, now Blizzard is adding another bank-like storage system. That's more data to query from back-end databases; that's more information for the realm to spend CPU cycle times packaging up; that's more data to transmit over the Internet to your computer; that's more information that your copy of the game has to wait to receive from the internet; that's more information your copy of the game has to unpackage and make all pretty-looking on your screen; and then as you make changes, that's more information to package up and send back to the realm.

Oh, trust me, to a programmer, there's A LOT of performance issues here.
What will happen to items that have gems and or enchnats on them? will they be removed when you use/put that item on/in your storage?

Edit: Just remembered my 2nd question.

If I then take said item back out of storage will the gems/enchants be put back on?

We'll be releasing a full preview of the system tomorrow morning, so I don't want to get too into the details of the system right now. Stay tuned for the full preview. We'll be sure to field as many follow-up questions as we can tomorrow. :)
[quote]Throw in enchants, gems, and reforging though, and you have a lot more data that has to be stored.

It's hard to take "more data that has to be stored" seriously as a reason when I get almost 10GB of high-availability indexed storage for free from Google, and get a bill for 7 cents per month for several hundred megabytes of very high availability, high redundancy, ultra-high bandwidth distributed storage on AWS.

Seriously this doesn't even begin to pass the laugh test. If this is a reason that people use as an excuse in development meetings you need to hire some engineers who've worked in the 21st century.


Since you lack some details here, I thought I would help you out.
Its probably not a "disk space" issue solely but a database issue and a memory issue in the game.

Your character takes up space in all 3 areas, when stored, loading etc.

The gold limitation from some time ago was a limitation on the size of number field in your characters file. Bag space probably works in a similar fashion where as you have a limited amount of space in your characters file to store items.

So to suggest that using all these buzzwords to suggest just "add a bigger hard drive" is
nonsensical and shows your true lack of understanding as to what is really going on
and what the technical issues are.

So leave them alone and let them do what they can.

08/17/2011 07:10 PMPosted by Esandarius
Secondly, consider changing the ability of Transmogrification from altering the appearance of a piece of gear to a slot. Right now we would be paying a fee for each new piece of armor we get. This is in addition to reforging, gems, and enchants we already have to pay. Personally I find it a hassle to have to do the current 3 things to each piece price aside, but having to pay to match is a killer. Also, while we may be using this to bridge the gap between sets, once the new set is acquired we would have to transmogrify every piece again. Although I don't have a solution to this problem currently.

Can we get some old PVP sets back? I was trying to find season 2 gear (the pretty blue one!) and I couldnt find it :(

Am I a hoarder? I think I might need professional help.
I think a pretty good idea would be instead of transmogrification working like reforging, (paying every time) you pay a larger amount, and then have the ability to change anytime after for no extra gold.

This would allow transmogrification to be used to bridge the gap and then full new sets to be worn without having to spend tons of gold. Dunno the if the tech is there for something like this, but i definitely would love to see an option like it.
Part of this is due to technical limitations. One of the reasons we're able to offer so many more slots of storage to players now is because it's fairly simple data storage when we're talking item IDs. Throw in enchants, gems, and reforging though, and you have a lot more data that has to be stored. Void Storage is a means of deep storage. We don't want this system to be used as a secondary bank where you're constantly shuffling items in and out. If you have an abundance of items which are eligible for placing in Void Storage, the idea is you can store them "long-term" to free up bank space without having to delete them.

It's perfect for seasonal outfits, items you think look really cool, etc. It's the place to put the gear you just don't want to delete, but don't regularly use either. If we just gave you 80 more bank slots -- which is a monumental technical task as I said earlier -- we'd have to consider nominating you for "Hoarders: World of Warcraft Edition."

Please reconsider the ability for Void Storage to retain gems and enchants on items. As you yourselves mentioned this new feature encourages the retaining of gear for various reasons and I feel that gems and enchants are integral to the flavor of an item. It shows that a character either got the item when it was current content and used it, or at least cared enough to go out and gather the authentic materials necessary.

I don't mind the enchants going away, and I absolutely LOVE having more bag space. Currently (this is true. I finally got tier 5 gloves today!) I have, in my bank:

Full sets of tier .5, 1, 2, 2.5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

I am 4/5 each on 11 and 12.

What I really want is the ability to aquire tier 3. DO WANT.

Either way, great change with the storage.
I'll be perfectly honest, as someone who suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, this is the most exciting part *OF* Void Storage. I've been collecting armor since Day 1, but it's always bothered me that old items are left with seemingly random Gems and Enchants on them.

Even though it may sound stupid to you, it's the type of thing that can make me want to quit the game at times. I've actually deleted and vendored items *just* because they had Gems and Enchants, just to obtain them again without to stick in the bank.

Again, I'm not asking anyone have to try and understand OCD... but please be aware that, to those of us who suffer from it, this is a *MASSIVE* feature.
08/17/2011 07:37 PMPosted by Zarhym
we'd have to consider nominating you for "Hoarders: World of Warcraft Edition."
08/17/2011 07:37 PMPosted by Zarhym
-- we'd have to consider nominating you for "Hoarders: World of Warcraft Edition."


oh wait, nvm....

And, for the record, I love what you're doing. Transmogrification and Void Storage are excellent services. I love that adds incentive to run old content and collect those set pieces. Will Dungeon Set 2 be available again?
Zarhym, thanks for the unexpected response. It's nice to know my opinion is being read at least. I understand the effort being put into this feature and the potential inability of integrating such a feature in a different way, such as an appearance tab, or allowing us to perform this ability on the fly (However, glyphing and changing specs started in much the same way transmogrifying and reforging work, so perhaps in the future we'll see it changed slightly).

That said, since you didn't comment on my other two requests, I'll just hope quietly to myself :D

P.S. Thanks for keeping the LFD feature free as well.
08/17/2011 07:37 PMPosted by Zarhym
"Hoarders: World of Warcraft Edition."

08/17/2011 08:29 PMPosted by Dakall
Can we get some old PVP sets back? I was trying to find season 2 gear (the pretty blue one!) and I couldnt find it :(

Try tier 5 raiding and then go to IQD I think.
Hey, so speaking of seasonal items.

Are we going to maybe get seasonal sets that aren't all cloth?

So maybe some big ol mean plate bunny ears for the Noble Garden?

Kinda unfair if only clothies get to run around in seasonal gear in the BG's!
08/17/2011 07:37 PMPosted by Zarhym
we'd have to consider nominating you for "Hoarders: World of Warcraft Edition."

Can we get this as an achievement, please?

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