Enhancement Shaman and Daggers

My Shaman just dinged 58 (It's not my only shaman but a new Shaman I created) anyways, from some of these quests, I see daggers specialized for Rogues.......They have agility stam and high weapon dmg, however they're too fast.

Would you guys recommend using the quest daggers?
As you're leveling in many regards it doesn't matter.

That said. No. Don't do it.

But seriously, just look and see if they're doing more damage than the SLOW maces you're using.. if they are, use them temporarily until you can replace them.
08/18/2011 09:55 AMPosted by Iziren
They have agility stam and high weapon dmg,

Top-end damage. You want high top-end damage. If you can find a dagger that hits as hard as an equivalent mace, then sure. But otherwise, you'll get less Windfury procs, and they won't hit nearly as hard.

08/18/2011 09:55 AMPosted by Iziren
Would you guys recommend using the quest daggers?

No. Not at all.
I appreciate the advice both of you :) I was thinking the same thing. Thanks :)
It just seems as if there are not many weapons specialized for enhancement shaman (shows how much blizz cares about the spec eh?)
My other question is say for example we compare these two weapons:

http://www.wowhead.com/item=25519 vs.


which would be main hand and which would be off hand? The mace is slower at 2.8 but has less dps but has a higher top end. The Axe is faster at 2.6 but has more dps and lower top end.
The general rule, in order of priority, is: better DPS weapon in MH, slower weapon in OH.

BY that logic, you'd put the ax in MH, mace in OH.

edit: to clarify a bit.

A lot of folks talk about top end damage as important, but it's actually speed that is the more important factor (the two are related). Top end isn't as valuable in PvE, where encounters are longer and less reliant on burst; basically, over time, all those high end hits will balance out with low end hits, through specials as well as white hits. Higher average hits are more important than any single big hit or cluster of big hits when considered over time.

Speed, however, is another matter. Virtually all shaman melee attacks are not normalized, meaning the weapon's speed has a direct impact on how much damage individual hits do (speed works as a multiplier for AP bonuses for attacks; normalized attacks have fixed speeds, non-normalized do not). Slower speeds can often make up for deficiencies in other stats on weapons--this is why a 1.8 epic dagger can be outperformed by a blue ax 3 tiers lower. Since shamans have so many non-normalized attacks, we always want the slowest weapons we can, as the speed magnifies our bonuses from AP.

Without getting too much deeper into the mechanics, our MH benefits more from a higher DPS weapon than our OH. Lava Lash, however, works exceptionally well with a slower weapon. Hence, the general rule: better dps in MH, slower weapon in OH. That won't hold 100% of the time, but it is true often enough to go with when you can't crunch the numbers or sim it for yourself.
Thank you :)

Why are Draenei females so helpful :)

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