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This is the best toy we've been given in ages. I'm already farming for it.
that pun was so bad, its awesome.
As for the set I would pick if I hadn't vendored or deleted all of my old gear, I'd choose T8.

I haven't seen many others going for that. I'd stand out.
New designs are new designs. Everyone has different taste. What you may think is bad, I may thing looks awesome and visa versa. They may make some awesome model axe now, that 2 years from now if the game is still up and running, I or someone may want to use this skin.
If the vendor for unobtainable gear is added can you add the season 1 weapons.
I miss my merc sword.
Bulwark of Azzinoth is considered to be the greatest shield design every made in game.

So if every tank transmorphed their shield to that old graphic, don't you think it undervalues any new shield graphics made in the game down the road?

It's cool, but by no means my favorite. For example Sword Breaker's Bulwark is easily a contender, as are more than a few others that I don't recall off hand.

And I think that's the point. In the past, people 'generally' looked one of few ways. If they raided, they looked one way (tank, dps or healer) the didn't raid (tank, dps, or healer) or the PvP'd (dps or healer).

With mogging brought into the picture no two players are likely to ever look alike (unless it's a style that becomes visually popular but at worst that's not any different than what's already in the game).
I'm already farming for this, I'm going to have several sets, and rotate.
I really applaud them adding the Appearance-Tab function as Transmorgrification. And especially that they have/are giving themselves enough time to thoroughly explain/review this function!

This feature has so much potential for in game activity! Think of all the retro-dungeons run with the goal of attaining a set? Not only that. Doing normal activities will be enjoyable as well! Raiding/Pvping/Farming, all done in -your- individual style. Whatever that may be.

As a roleplayer, I adore how much this will support that community. This will save many awkward "Oh shot, I'm still in my rp gear!" moments. In addition, every character can stand out as their persona, no matter their activity.
Magic is ultimately responsible for the process of transmogrification and there are countless magical items that allow you turn your entire character (an organic being) into something radically different. This magic is unstable and only lasts for a short while which would make sense considering the difficulty of that transition. The magic necessary to change a non-organic piece of armor would be incredibly simple by comparison so this more stable type of transition could last indefinitely.

What doesn't make sense is why I can turn my entire character into a pirate whenever I want but apparantly, the etherals are noobs at magic and can't figure out how to make my plate helmet look like a cloth hood or vice versus. Apparaently, its easier to change a biological person into a whole different type of organic species than it is to change a single piece of armor comprised of a miniscule number of elements.

This is only made worse by the comment about being able to change from a gun to a bow. The mechanism for a gun is far more complex than an old fashioned bow but apparently, the etherals are skilled enough to pull that off? It just seems like a huge contradiction.

The next point I want to make is in regards to grey/white items. I can use a magical potion to turn my character into a physical replica of another player and that player could be wearing a bunch of white vendor items. The white items don't spontaneously combust so the reason for their exclusion doesn't make any sense. I can magically enchant my favorite pair of white sandles on my bank alt with a run speed enchant as well so they are obviously strong enough to be used in magical contexts.

On a side note, I'd also like to mention that we should be allowed to make items invisible. After all, you already have invisible armor in the game. (Sandrene's Invisible Vest) Imagine if you were role-playing an orc who was raised by trolls and your orc grew up without shoes. You can't simply run around barefoot or you would lose the stats from that particular slot. Maybe my character doesn't mind getting his hands dirty and would rather go without gloves, etc. Don't forget that there are many magical methods of turning an organic being invisible so the magic necessary for a non-organic piece of armor should be miniscule in comparison and as I've already pointed out, invisible armor already exists (although not for every armor type or slot).
Not to be rude to Blizzard but personally it seems to me that they stopped trying on tier sets a while ago.

Firelands for example seems to be pretty bland overall.

As Zaryhm said though everyones opinions are different. I may hate T12 but I'm sure there are some people out there who absolutely love it. Thats the point of the upcoming change. To let people wear what they really want to wear.

Plus the game designers may take an entirely different route and work even harder than before, trying to make a tier that people will want to wear more than their favorite set currently.
08/18/2011 03:07 PMPosted by Cathrynna
Another thing I think some folk fail to consider is that this transmogrifying system could possibly be a valuable data gathering tool for Blizzard's artists. If they see consistent use of certain pieces they can take a look at whats different about those pieces compared to the rest of the stuff out there.

From what I've seen, it looks like we're going to be seeing a LOT of Burning Crusade T6 armor and weapons, and Tier 2, and lvl 60 PvP gear. Im going rogue t6 myself, or t10 possibly.

I don't disagree with this assumption. In fact I think it could prove to be a valuable stepping stone to move us away from the "bigger is better" philosophy that the armor design keeps heading towards and get us back to the details and uniqueness. The old saying "less is more" is proven just by comparing tier 3 to tier 7. While I can't speak for most people I personally found tier 7 to be a bastardization of tier 3... unnecessary patterns added on top of the original that just makes em look "busy" and lower quality textures. Tier 3 was cleaner, higher res, and had less going on which ultimately made it look far superior.
Druids have never seen their armor ever.

Has that stopped them from implementing amazing new tier every time?

PvP gear has looked like garbage since Season 4. Seriously, transmog is gonna be widely used in PvP.
08/18/2011 02:24 PMPosted by Bashiok
One day four people are going to roll over Deathwing, farming the set so they can wear their favorite looking tier.

Which what people want to do now with legendaries.

I got my legendary back in the old days ( just after BC hit ), and i would like to be able to show it offf. ...just like I want to show off old tier sets.
Gizlock's Hypertech Buckler on my ele shaman. can't wait
what about 'visually incomplete' teir sets and sets, for one reason or another, weren't used.

Since my main is a death knight, I want to go pick up the awesome looking T8 again. While the helm, shoulders, chest, gloves, and pants are available, but a matching skin for the boots (and I think belt too) is not. I personally would like a visually complete set.

Also, you guys made a uber sexy red colored skin of the DK T8. I think parts of the set, like the helmet, are available as non-teir pieces.
You know these skins:

So several Blues already mentioned that Blizzard is planning to allow players to pick up old gear sets in one way or another are no longer available to players. So what about models and skins that were never was available to players?
Let's face it, Transmogrification is going to end Blizzards creativity when it comes to gear design. What's the point of Blizzard trying to astound people with aesthetics anymore now that every paladin in the world is going to resemble a banana. This is by no means a hate thread, it's simply a debate thread.
In my humble opinion, Blizzard has no need to try and make great looking gear anymore now that everyone will be rolling around in Vanilla gear. No longer will we see new tiers that are Transmogrification worthy like the majority of the low level tier was. If anyone would bring up this problem, I can picture them passing it off with a simple "try Transmogrifying your gear to make it look better."
Maybe I'm just over reacting, maybe I'm not. What does everyone else think?

P.S. People have brought up the idea that there should be an interface button to disable viewing of Transmogrified items, this seems like it would be a pain to make but I think it's the best solution I've heard yet. Then at least it would be a win-win, if you wanted to RP some with some friends in old gear you could, but if you wanted to raid without seeing people looking like all different colors of power rangers, you could too.
If people don't like a certain set of armor, the lack of people wearing that armor would show that the new armor is not as impressive as the armor people are wearing instead. This would help artists gain a perspective on what people like and what people might be staying away from. When we have the ability to not only criticize armor looks on the forum but to also the ability to not use certain armor, we can motivate artists to take a new approach if we simply don't wear what they are giving us.

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