Cross Server BoA's, A idea for how.

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My idea, it came to me when I created a new toon, as I've done often before in my mailbox was sitting Chill the Penguin, and my Corehound pup. Why not when rerolling on a new realm have a token for BoA gear you already have. Redeemable for the piece(s) of gear of your choice. You could get a shoulder/weapon/chest/trink/trink/helm/cape token. These tokens would only happen once per realm.

As someone who has almost every BoA, but maxed out on toons on my main realm, I would like to have access to my boas.

Please don't think I'm using these as a crutch i grinded to 60 in vanilla, I simply like to level faster.

Difficulties I see with my idea (aside from the massive amount of coding im sure this would require) are the helm and cape are sold by the guild vendor only to those honored with the guild, so IDK.

Input is appreciated.
The idea came to me too.

As well as a hundred other guys and gals as well.

No, seriously, it's been brought up tons of times. Search it.
This idea? I have not read it before. I am aware lots of other people want cross server Boa's.
08/18/2011 04:27 PMPosted by Lupercål
This idea? I have not read it before. I am aware lots of other people want cross server Boa's.

I'm serious. Someone else also suggested using tokens for BoAs. It's right now the number one player made idea for it. But it's up to Blizzard. Maybe they'd perfer a mail system.
Ah well guess im not as creative as i thought, however i still want it to happen ><
I want cross-realm/cross faction mail. BoAs would be a good start but I have spend way to much time working on professions too not be able to send the products of all that effort to my alts.

By the time one of my crafting alts gets thier skill high enough to make a item that item is too low level for my crafter to use the item. It is a pain to have a level 40 alts with several pieces of level 19 gear, when my highe level alts could just make some level 40 gear for them.
Only if it would allow me to keep the enchants I've placed on my BoA items. Else it's less useful than the $25 fee for the same service.
Id rather have boa's with no enchants then no boa's thats just me. I probably wouldnt send my daggers with 15 agi though (assuming it was through the mail, if it was with tokens then of course there would be no enchants since they would be new boas)
I honestly thought this is what the void storage was going to be for. I was thinking it was going to be a bank accessible by any character on your account with only BOA's able to be put in it.

Turns out I was way off!
There are a lot of threads on this subject so I am locking this one to reduce spam.

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