Balance druids and the legendary staff quest.

Was wondering if any of you have collected all of your shards yet and have attempted or completed the following quest.

There's a warlock in my guild working on it right now and he's have a lot of trouble. Apparently it requires and offensive dispel and interrupts.

So where does that leave us?

We can interrupt twice a minute between solar beam and skull bash if we are lucky enough to be in melee range. And we have no offensive dispel.
warlock's felhunter can dispel and interrupt, but i don't know about the balance druid
I found a video of a Boomkin doign it if anybody was interested.

Couldn't really tell how he delt with the heal. Solar beam must be enough.
Not particularly difficult. Trap the add until the flame breath channel, then run from the flame breath while killing the add. Back to dragon. Interrupt what you can, apply your HoTs while running around.
Videos (not of me!): - Part 1 - Part 2

Great guide for the whole quest line:

For interrupts, I assume you mean the guys you fight on the platforms? I used solar beam when it was up, but mostly I found it wasn't necessary. You can just use the shields on the edges of the big platforms.

The only bit of the instance that was difficult is the last encounter. For that, just make sure you're keeping hots on yourself the whole time, and DoTs on the main guy. I tried CCing the adds, but found it was easier just to kill them as they came out. You can knock them back and use starfall when they come out.
When I finally get to this I was contemplating going bear for it.
Well damn am I the only moonkin in existence whose guild didn't choose them to get the staff? I am literally last in line.
No you are not I am too 2 people are ahead of me :( pretty sure by the time it's my turn the guild will break up and leave me hanging XD

but thats some good advice I will never use lol

But good luck to all of you that are on the quest and doing it :D
I just ran around hotting myself, dotting the dragon, popping starfall. I never even got into moonkin form. I think I could've done it in resto spec, probably be easier too.
I'm the second in my group to try it. Our mage did it first and basically gave up on it. This forum is very helpful, thanks. I broke my gear trying it over and over the past few days. I found it terribly frustrating, but only because I didn't understand what to expect.

While I do agree that it should be a great challenge, I think the repeated collecting of materials should be nixed. As it stands I am not even sure if we will raid FL enough times before the next raids come along, and drumming up a pug to go back will be even more of a drag, especially if we are rolling on any of the legendary quest items.

yea... I pretty much went kitty for pretty much the entire part of the quest and it was sooo easy... for the last boss however, I have to go boomkin again becasue of range issues... play around with your glyphs, decrease the CD on Typhoon and the solar beam glyph and that was enough. I did struggle with the last boss but after I played around with my glyphs, I found it sooooo easy. Once you actually do finish it you will look back and think "Why did I struggle so much??"

Since it's already at the top of the page...

Big, fat necro. If you look at OP's armory, they already have their 391 version.
There are a number of postings that describe this encounter, which should be relatively easy to find. This post offers some high level guidance to boomkins seeking to defeat Thyranir, the final boss in this part of the quest chain - though I think the advice is generally applicable to most classes.

I think it is fair to say that the majority of WoW players would have a hard time unless their gear was significantly higher than i378, though specific classes like Mages will have a much easier time than others such as Warlocks or Druids. Of course, most WoW players are not going to be anointed by their raid to receive the required 25 eternal embers - so a certain amount of proficiency is assumed.

I recommend thinking through this encounter carefully and respec, re-gear, re-glyph, and redo your tool bar / key bindings to better deal with the challenges of this quest. The trick is smart movement along with the ability to self-heal and CC the boss and adds - all while being able to damage the boss and burn down the adds.

Prior to this quest chain, I had my interface and abilities optimized for PvE raiding as a boomkin or healz. Unfortunately, I found I needed both capabilities for this quest at the same time. So, I respecced as boomkin and focused on DOT and HOT talents and glyphs - switching forms during fights (moonkin form and caster) as needed.

Actually, the biggest change for me was redesigning my toolbars and bound keys. I found that I needed to seamlessly HOT myself, apply DOTs, and CC at any given time to adapt to the environment. Clearly, this is not needed in the vast majority of PvE encounters and hence my original set of toolbars / bound keys were not set up to do execute those abilities at the same time efficiently. So switching was a bit painful and I practiced on the target dummies and some elites in Twilight Highlands once I determined the final boss was way harder than I expected.

One final note - once I tuned my toon for the final boss, I successfully 1-shotted him though the fight seemed to last forever (probably a dozen adds). However, getting to the boss was much more painful in my new spec than during my initial attempt with my standard boomkin raiding setup. Perhaps that was just the learning curve for my new user interface.

Good luck!

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