LFM Cincinnati area players

Aerie Peak
I saw someone else do this so I wanna see how many people I can find :)
Myself and about 4 friends are in the cincinnati area
Cleveland here.
Hey all, different realm, but I'm always down for making new local friends. Have an 85 alliance warrior and several 80ish in the making on Alleria, but cross realm grouping is grand. Hit me up sometime, though my tanking gear is pretty terrible on my gnome atm.
Hey all! I'm in the cincinnati area and just think it would be really cool to get together with eachother and play some WoW together... what makes the game most fun in my opinion is level of relationships and interaction you have with other players so by enhancing the relationships we have with our fellow players, it will inherently increase the exerience! "My next girlfriend will have to be a WoW fan or things just aren't going to work out!" ;) --- Me
Me and my girlfriend live in Dayton Ohio.
Some friends and I are setting up a guild for Cincinnati area players. We are currently rolling new characters on a server brand new to us, Mannoroth. If any of you would like to join up or find out more information check out our site or send one of us a message in game. Our website is www.cincywarcraft.wowstead.com

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