[H]Influence recruiting. 4/16 25HM 9 Hrs/Wk.

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Hi Msromang :)
Majestic bump from Arthas' official recruitment post bumper.
bump for heroic Majordomo

bump for heroic Majordomo


Majorlamo more like it. So easy.
bump for heroic Majordomo


Majorlamo more like it. So easy.

Yeah no kidding, I think it took us a total of 10 pulls
bump for H Baleroc,

6/7 H
The "race" (I use that term lightly as it might be more of a long slow !@# marathon), is on for server second H Rag.

GL Security
Considering how nerfed the encounter is now, I think the term race is more than appropriate.

Should be interesting to see who grabs the 2nd kill (if at all).
09/08/2011 09:37 PMPosted by Sanadoz
(if at all).

Sep 5, 2011 Sakue joined guild Influence

You're going to want to get rid of this moron as soon as possible.

Just a friendly heads up. Grats on 6/7 btw.
We already know he talks a lot.

Nothing some random global muting won't alleviate!
Lol didn't know Security was on Rag.

edit: Think you guys will get it before Security unless they fix their extremely errr "interesting" approach to raid comp.
wat eeeeernteresting approach?
HAIL, champions. The time has come. Franklin the Turtle and his jar of tarnished mayonnaise has not lightly entered our world. For it is the stench of real mayonnaise, high in calorie and vomit inducing aromas. I call upon the 7 apes of Lake Michigan. Together we will destroy the Man who pillages his brothers' courtyard for his moist cornbread, for it is sold by the vendors in trisfal glades indeed. Hath the man be covered in his daughters blood? He hath indeed. The sour patches in which we sweat to cultivate will not be lost in the war on poverty, no no. Fear not champions, for URSELFvf will return to this world and all it's glory, the essence of the moldy bread in the pantry dish means nothing to the eyes of the deceiver.
stop scaring away recruits
jinto can you tell us how to do hm rag bc we're dumb our raid leader sucks

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