[H]Influence recruiting. 4/16 25HM 9 Hrs/Wk.

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im fuzed and i dont know what punctuation is
I'm Shiro and I press my breasts against my shower screen in an attempt to tease my puppy. Ergo I am evil and posses the intellect of a giant cockroach.
ur a bump
10/16/2011 01:35 PMPosted by Msromang
bump, guess I'm unbanned. :3

Don't just bump, come up with a sentence and just copy+paste. They won't ban you for that, but they will for just saying "bump"... I learned this bumping my old guilds recruitment threads, got banned 2 times for just saying "bump", "to the top", "again", etc. but saying "LF XXX, we're 1/7 H and going strong" and just copy pasting that I never got banned again.
Wish you guys would kill Rag already. Give SECURITY the final blow to the head by moving them to server 3rd.
Wow either race change or make your helm invisible cause you're giving blood elf warriors across azeroth a bad name.
gargoroth just get it over w/ and come over naked by 9 PM est
also, we're getting closer......... 20% bc people are dumb with meteors

stupid jerks :{

well get it soon and then we can touch tips aka high five
lol 20% such a liar

Hastsukuyomi removes her clothing, preparing to enter the bath. She slowly walks into the Elwyn lake and begins to wash herself from the blood stains of her enemies. Hastsukuyomi retrieves her blades from the ground and begins to wash them as well, for they have met the flesh of countless monsters. She heard a sound lurking in the wood, could it be the shadow of robin hood?
"Hark, who goes there? Is it perhaps a bear?"
There is no response to her inquiry, the noise again, this time resonating throughout the woodland.
"Fray not, I mean thee no harm, do not be warded by my unyielding charm" said Hastsukuyomi, as she washed her chest.
An adolescent blood elf rogue then approaches, covered in vile roaches. He utters:
"Forgive me for my candor, Blood Elf. I only wished to witness such a fine maiden as yourself, bath in this babbling brook." Hastsukuyomi then answers: "You flatter me, boy, however I do not see you as anything but a mere toy. The boy then notices a profound scar on the torso of Hastsukuyomi. The boy then Inquires: "Tell me Blood Elf, does a fine maiden such as yourself acquire such a grotesque war scar?" The lady then answers "Aye, tis' the mark of Illidan." The boy then slowly approaches the brook "Oh woe is me, that such a beautiful creature received such an unsightly mark" Hastsukuyomi then snickers. "Are you perhaps enamored with me young rogue? Is crawling through the woods in search of pleasure perhaps a new vogue..? The boy unsheathes his blades, they are twins of a demons', likely stolen from a crypt. Hastsukuyomi picks up her Twin blades of Azzinoth in retaliation to the boys foolish action. Unarmored and drenched in water the elf springs at the young rogue with cunning speed. "Do you fear me, boy. Do you perhaps enjoy the fear that I instill upon you?" The young rogue attempts to grab her chest in the struggle, his arms are now off his body, the blades on the ground. The boy says in a quiet voice... "If only to touch someone such as yourself, if onl- " He dies. Hastsukuyomi slowly walks up to the corpse, her hair drenched in his blood. "I will not leave with your request unanswered young boy, I offer this to you in honor of your death" Hastsukuyomi appraoches the corpse further and takes it to the brook to clean. The elf lays the body near the water and falls asleep, embracing the corpse.

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