So best rogue name

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definitly not me.
I did like Movement and Ahri
<~~~~~ win!
Hnuh, hnuh huaaaaaaa!
Most of you who self-nominated yourselves have terrible names. :/
But, Waldo and Sappachino were cool names.
<----- cuz rogues do it from behind but a personal favorite would be Shyv
you rogues are so clever
I'll toss mine into the mix. Also have a rogue named Wolfe
My Rogues name is Surpise.
I vote me
Oops. Wrong character, this one is the best.
SneakyTwinky ? :O
/licks lips

tasty cankles!!!
Also pity the name Bazinga was taken on my realm. That would clearly win hands down!
How many other people have my name? 0. It must be awful D:
I was lucky to get my name.

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