MORBID Looking for Holy Paladin/Holy Priest

<Morbid> is a 25 Man Raiding on Garrosh. We are currently in the Firelands, looking to progress through and get to hardmodes ASAP.

We are currently 1/7 HM in Firelands.

We are actively seeking a Holy Paladin and a Holy Priest to join our ranks. Any reliable DPS can app as well to help fill out our roster with a couple back ups.*

The MORBID raiding philosophy is "F%&$ 10 mans!!!" Honestly, I hate 10 mans. A lot. You should too. Garrosh has dwindled down to 4 25 man guilds, 3 on the Horde side and one on the Alliance side. The competition between 25 man guilds ain't what it used to be. That makes us have a sad :(

*All exceptional players, regardless of gear, experience, or recruitment status, are encouraged to submit an application.

Raid times:
Monday - Off*
Tuesday - 8:30 to 11:30 EST
Wednesday - 8:30 to 11:30 EST
Thursday - 8:30 to 11:30 EST
Friday - Off*
Saturday - Off*
Sunday - Off*
*We encourage alt runs, PvP, and other guild events

Other Information:
Website -
Loot Method - EP/GP
Server - US-Garrosh (Datacenter is in Phoenix, Arizona)
Server Time - Eastern Standard Time
Faction - Horde

General MORBID Expectations:
Morbid is a progression raiding guild, therefore we expect all recruits and raiders to have a progression mindset. Recruits should be in full Heroic Dungeon gear or better. Recruits should have enough extensive knowledge of their class, including off-specs, to maximize your DPS, HPS, or TPS at all times. Recruits should be able to maintain 100% raid attendance throughout their trial period. Most importantly, recruits should have exceptional raid awareness and fight knowledge before facing each boss. Finally, all recruits are required to submit a parse (WMO, WoL, etc) on their application.

What YOU can expect from MORBID:
Morbid is a well rounded and solidly structured guild. Morbid has strong leadership and high expectations, both of which have helped us to thrive since our creation. New recruits can expect to benefit from these qualities and to raid with other exceptional players who all strive to progress through all of the end-game content Blizzard can throw at us. When possible we provide flasks and feasts for each raid, and pay for the raid repairs of our Raiders. Outside of raiding you will find an active guild, and some very entertaining guild chat and Mumble conversations.

For more information contact our Recruiting Officer Augos, any available Officer, or fill out an application at our website .
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It could be... but I may be too drunk to answer that question or to continue healing Ulduar.

If this were at the top it would be there for a week in these forums
i guess i can bump yours too, its only polite. we garroshians need to stick together. for garrosh and all.
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LF a few good heals and exceptional players!
no spriest or ret pally raiding right now!

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