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I got the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard and it allows me to make 'macros'. The way it works is, you record keystrokes and/or mouse movement and assign it to one of the macro keys. With this i could do a macro/recording of me disenchanting items, prospecting ore, or any thing with a profession that requires me to have to click more then once. I just want to know if this is against the rules. I have made 1 macro of me press the '=' key. I only did this cause when raiding, the keyboard's macro keys are closer to my spells than moving hand to the other side of keyboard. Any feedback on the legitimacy of this keyboard's macro system in WoW would be appriciated.
Yes it is against the rules. If you cannot do it using the internal macro system ie. blizz has restricted it such that you need to click once for each event, then you trying to bypass that restriction using the external hardware is botting and as such is bannable.
That being said, it isn't easy to catch, but the regular interval spacing between your "keystrokes" can give them a clue that it's hardware that's doing it and not a person.
using that function of the keyboard almost sounds like a program I saw once called ghost mouse, which records your keystrokes or mouse movements. Now if you have to push that button to DE, Prospect or whatever to each item, you're at least there physically pushing buttons.
With ghost mouse you record a set of movements, set it to loop those movements, then push start and you never had to push another button again till you turned it off. If your keyboard does that, that would be a bot and I don't think Blizzard would like it to much.
I do have to push the button for it to work but, i think i will just google some bad ace macros and use those instead.
You can use that macro!

all you do is this

/macro bring up your macros

make a new one


/cast prospecting
/use iron ore

then assign that to any key BAM!!!!
You can make a macro (using the in-game macro interface) that will use the prospecting ability, then use a type of ore, but you have to push a button (or click) for each act of prospecting (thus 4 clicks/keystrokes per stack of ore prospected). The one that Fools posted above:
/cast prospecting
/use iron ore

Will use prospecting on some Iron Ore in your bags once for each time you push the button.
You could even make one that says

/use prospecting
/use copper ore
/use tin ore
/use Iron ore

with every type of ore in the game (assuming 255 characters are sufficient), but it will fail if you have <5 of a type of ore in your bags.

This is allowed (as is anything you can accomplish purely through the in-game macro interface)

However, setting your keyboard to keep pressing the button over and over again every x seconds (to fully automate the process) is not allowed. If you get caught, you can and may have your account suspended or banned.
your not automating anything if you have to do the keystrokes for it to work. if you can record it to where it loops and you can walk away and it still running the macro thats automation. i have the same keyboard it records keystroke but you use it in a way thats no diffrent than using a cast sequence macro.

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