[H] Splyffindor is recruiting casual raiders


Are you looking to raid but afraid you are just too casual? Is your life so busy that you can't commit to one of the many fine hardcore raiding guilds on our server? If yes, consider joining Splyffindor. We are a brand new guild looking to bolster our core of raiders. Some of you may have run BWD with us already. If you had as good a time as we did, I hope you will consider joining.

Our goal is to get everyone to see content. We will be raiding at least once a week and will put together ad hoc raids as members are available.

Do not let our freshness or guild level dissuade you, we are fresh and this is your chance to have an impact on a brand new guild.

We were tired of people dictating our playing experience so we made our own, come play with us and be your own raider.

Our expectations are as follows:
1. You enjoy having a good time and being social.
2. You have the patience to help others learn (most of us know the fights but we do not discriminate against eager players).
3. You must have a sense of humor.
4. You must be okay with need before greed looting, we are all busy and do not want to deal with epgp or dkp.
5. Access to vent is absolutely crucial, you must be able to hear the fights being explained.
6. Must love dogs... just kidding but we did put that in a friend's online dating profile that he may or may not have known about.

If you have any questions please let me, Jiberish or Cattleclysm know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thursday, 25 August, we would like to do a BoT raid. Please post below or give us a shout if you would like to come along. No commitment necessary.
Still looking for anyone interested.

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