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I would like to know what is the % of wow players that is actually involved in the endgame raiding, i remember that back in vanilla it was about 5% of the wow community and in BC it hit like 20%.. what is it now?

And by endgame raiding I mean regularly (at least twice a week scheduled) going into a current level raid instance with the intent of a full clear or boss kill.

If they put back into the dungeon finder the ability to PUG raid instances I'm sure the percentage would go up significantly.

If they start pugging, guilds have a challenge enough to learn boss fights., no...just...God No!
For the longest time, I had a low end computer that could probably not handle end game raiding. That is no longer an issue.

However, I've seen guilds ruined by raiding becoming an obsession. Getting that next bit of pixels becomes superior to having fun. Your fellow raiders become your rolling enemies, and the non-raiders become 2nd class citizens. The whole "welfare epics" nonsense began because raiders were angry about legitimate non raiding avenues to loot for the non-raider.... whereas if raiding were fun, that alone should be enough.

So it's hard to imagine getting into the raiding scene. I'm having quite a bit of fun leveling alts.

The only thing my guild cares about is bosses dying. Raiding is fun for me and my guild, the new gear is nice. What is a rolling enemy? Any respectable guild uses a dkp system so that it isn't all based on chance - and loot gets distributed evenly as possible. I'd never raid with anyone who uses /roll system.
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I wish I could raid. I don't know anyone that wants to teach me though. =(

Try looking up the tactics, and get your guild to help you run, like, Baradin Hold or an easier one :)
Ok...time for a little math. Currently according to WoWProgress (which not all raiders use) 27665 guilds have downed at least one raid boss. 3900 of them are 25 man guilds which makes the other 24165 10-man guilds.

24165 * 10 + 3900 *25 = 339150

Now, naturally that number is probably somewhat larger since most raiding guilds have bench players and then again it could be smaller since other players have multiple toons in multiple guilds. And of course, WoWProgress is not known for 100% accuracy. Anyway if we use that number based on 11mil subscriptions (don't know the current subscriptions) then about 3.1% of the WoW community raids. This seems a bit low to me but I think you can draw the conclusion that less than 5% probably raid endgame content...certainly less than 10%

Edit: Applies only to FL
I only stepped in FL a handful to times to pass by the time and kill a few bosses. Nothing major and I found reg mode was pretty easy. I hear that heroic modes are punishing though. And I like how that is.
10% seems low to me. When I login and see what's going on, and the players around most ARE NOT raiding firelands. Most ARE raiding tier 11.

Now, most may be what I choose to see. But, like any statistic, you should take away PvPers and farmers from the statistics to get to measure those people who would raid, but are not.

I should have mentioned that the numbers only applied to FL.

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